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Oil & Gas

Workers at Gas Plant

Oil & gas industries are the elemental enterprises across the globe with strategic significance that influences the entire ecosystem. However, these industries also face issues such as complex chain of processes and operations, the requirement of effective operations and sales planning for forecasting and product supply, adherence to strict regulatory and protocols compliance, the strong impact of external factors like commodities prices, weather, etc., requirement of new skilled employees to manage dynamic and diverse workplace, and more. Other reasons that are setting back the oil & gas industries are: lack of expertise, difficulty in implementation, high costs, etc. With Metrosion, you need to worry about these challenges. We will transform your business into the path of innovation and success, leading to more productivity and sales. We, at Metrosion, help you to empower your oil & gas business by reducing the risks, lowering costs, improving safety and enhancing performance. We will build a smart and powerful solution jut for you that will enable you to gain visibility and insight into the key path of project execution and construction. This, in turn, will let you to better manage your operating assets and overall business operations. Our client satisfaction is what we always strive for and it depicts through our smart software solutions and products that we develop and deliver. 

Why Metrosion for your oil & gas industry?


At Metrosion, building software solutions that meet our client’s unique business requirements is something that we have always prioritize before anything else. We understand the oil & gas business and the kind of challenges these industries face often. Our engineers have built many software solutions for oil & gas industries that have streamlined our client’s business workflow and eliminate a lot of their manual work, automating the process and increasing productivity. We use modern methodologies and cutting-edge technologies to build the software of your dreams. From using data science, artificial intelligence, business intelligence technologies to implementing various applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), content management system (CMS), we adapt every modern technology and tools to develop powerful, robust, flexible and scalable application for your oil & gas industry. 


We are the top-notch oil & gas service provider that can simplify your business operations, remove complexities in your process flow, automate your work and improve the utilization of your assets. And, all this we can do with our all-in-one smart software solution that we can build and customize just for you. We also provide you with robust data backup and data recovery service that will enable you to share sensitive files with ease among your employees and stakeholders. In terms of security, we assure you that your data will get the best solution. 

At Metrosion, we work in a mature Agile and DevOps environment, that enables our developers to build the solution that exactly meets the taste of our client. Throughout the software development life cycle, we keep consistent communication and collaboration, from the requirement analysis phase, design and development phase to the testing and maintenance phase. This enables us to deliver quality software and reducing time-to-market.     



Flexible and enhancing service


We believe in the client-first approach and deliver you the solution that is flexible, scalable and robust, improving your overall business efficiency. Our software solution offers a wide range of functionalities that will make oil & gas business manageable and fun. You will be able to effectively manage and automate the processes, including, inventory management, sales management, product management, logistics, etc. 


Quality product using a cost-effective approach


In order to develop the software, we use advanced methodologies and modern practices to deliver astounding applications and services for your oil & gas industry. We will help you to streamline your order management process and automate your logistics process efficiently. At Metrosion, you will get the industry-specific applications (of any size) at a budget-friendly approach. 


Focus on simplifying and automating the processes


We focus on building the core competencies, including end-to-end control systems, manufacturing execution systems, quality management systems, information management systems, field force management systems, etc. We assist the oil & gas industries in attaining operational excellence and advanced level of competencies and efficiency in rendering amazing customer services. 

Case studies

Simplifying and automating the processes is just the tip of the iceberg. To know what software solution can do for oil & gas industries, read the following:



Mobility solutions for your business


We provide mobility solutions for oil & gas industries by building competence in mobile application development (cross-platform mobile apps, hybrid and native) across all the platforms, including Android and iOS. With the increased usage of mobile users, it is essential to have a mobile platform for your business, in order to keep yourself at the forefront of technology. 

Business intelligence to manage infrastructure assets


Many oil & gas industries leverage our business intelligence capabilities in order to handle their plant operations, distribution networks, digital oil fields and asset management with real-time visibility and predictive analytics. 


Implementing IoT to enhance your business efficiency


To automate the remote operations, we connect Internet-of-Things (IoT) with your back-end systems. This, in turn, will enhance asset utilization and improve business your efficiency. Using IoT will centralize and store your data securely, improve safety at the workplace, enhance customers’ experience, reduce operating cost and more. 


Cloud managed services for secure data


At Metrosion, we provide cloud and IT services for your oil & gas industries. These services include data protection, data recovery, and data backup. With our customized software solutions, you will be away from data breaches. You will also find ease in sharing confidential and sensitive information among your production managers, business analysts, stakeholders, and development team.


Integrating software solution with efficient CRM and ERP applications


Our engineers have extensive years of experience in delivering efficient CRM/ERP solutions to offer a single platform for all the processes and operations of your oil & gas industries. It will streamline your business operations, such as supply chain management, inventory management, sales management, etc.  


Single package- all functionalities

We can build a packaged software, containing all the functionalities that will match your exact business requirements. These functionalities may include order placement, disposition board for logistics and truck schedule, easy to use graphical planning and applications for delivery fulfillment. Our process automation tool eradicates the manual work, ensuring a persistent integration from finance to logistics.  


Efficient management tool for controlling and managing the entire data exchange


We can also build a powerful solution for the oil & gas industries that will control and manage the entire exchange of data including, volume and cash flows, fuel inventory management, daily lessee settlement, payment, replenishment, fleet card management, etc. We will help you to streamline the distribution, production and trading processes of your oil & gas business.

Metrosion: A top-notch service provider that creates value for oil & gas industries


We combine our experiences and global approaches to assist our clients to respond to technological changes and discover the effective ways to run their businesses. Our business benefits include increased customer loyalty and satisfaction, optimized and simplified automated processes, reduced labor costs, transportation costs, and inventory costs, better decision making and resource utilization, etc. Trust Metrosion to transform your business and maintain a competitive edge in this technological advancement era. 

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