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Today’s insurance carriers and consumers all demand accurate, agile, and real-time data through the efficient use of mobile devices that allow them to access their accounts on the go. These days, more and more companies are succumbing to the digital transformation era. By adopting new technologies and going digital, businesses, like insurance companies, these enterprises are able to connect better with modern consumers. After all, legacy systems weren’t designed for today’s challenges.


With digitalization being prevalent, it’s only wise for every insurance company to seek help from a software solutions company to help them keep up with the changing times. At Metrosion, we understand how important it is for organizations in the insurance sector to employ strategies and tools that will help them stay afloat in these modern times.

Insurance Industry Solutions


Metrosion is a one-stop-shop for all software solutions needs. We are composed of a team of experts whose roles include: project manager, program manager, engagement manager, solutions architect, designer, product manager, and software engineer. The right talent resources will be applied to every phase of the project to ensure that we are able to provide the best software solutions for all our clients.


Our combined knowledge and experience in each of our fields allow us to create cutting-edge technologies that will revolutionize insurance firms and turn them into digital organizations. During the conception of every software solution, we always keep in mind the regulatory changes, increasing consumer demands, and technology upgrades. Our innovative products are designed to help make the lives of insurers, brokers, and MGAs easier.


At Metrosion, we are also committed to helping clients in achieving flexibility and agility to transform their systems into highly advanced systems of the future. These will allow them to get past all the difficulties that the digital era has brought, as well as increase organizational efficiency while reducing costs. Furthermore, Metrosion’s efficient, high-value, and exceptional quality solutions will be the key to creating a one-of-a-kind customer experience and enhancing customer engagement.



Today’s industries face no shortage of software solutions that streamline processes and cut costs. This is what we do at Metrosion – helping organizations across industries deliver first-class products and services at a fraction of a cost.


Real-time process visibility

Insurance firms will be able to access real-time end-to-end visibility into various processes, as well as track metrics related to the progress and to predict completion times. Our software solutions will also let you see data from a business perspective by showing you data in milestones, KPIs, and phases.


Informed, faster decision-making

Metrosion’s software solutions will allow users to monitor performance, trends, and other areas that need attention. It will provide details of certain processes to create tasks and take direct action to ensure that problems or situations are remedied immediately.


Rock star customer experience

We are always looking after our clients. We believe that our software solutions should be of exceptional quality all the time and that our clients will always find a reason to keep coming back for more.



Case Studies


Metrosion’s software solutions are designed to streamline the insurance industry’s various processes. Our platforms will help insurance carriers, brokers, and agents meet – and even exceed – the needs of their consumers.


Cloud-based insurance solution

Insurance providers, brokers, agents, and consumers exchange vital information and data on policies, benefits, and the like on a daily basis. Consumers will be able to verify and compare policies, contracts, and documents easily with this app. Insurance agents and firms will be able to design plans through pre-made forms and templates. It will also be equipped with a dashboard that allows agents to manage the sales process and track goals to manage their sales activities. This application will help organizations connect with their partners through an integrated and automated system that maximizes business value. Aside from that, it will help keep users updated on government-mandated coverage and benefits. All these can be done with a single system to help users save time and cost operating various systems.


Insurance software for property and casualty insurance agencies

This is a cloud-based, fully managed portal that supports insurance companies through secured and scalable web services across third-party systems, giving users a holistic view of their operations minus the overhead costs. This system can be integrated with your billing and claims database to help you manage the full cycle of all your products using only a single platform. This portal also provides an unparalleled level of convenience to customers and policyholders with its white-labeled system. It allows one-time and recurring payments through multiple payment methods, review policy details, use multiple engagement channels, etc. It can streamline operations, reduce administrative burden, increase retention levels, enhance customer experience, lower customer service costs, and lets you focus on more important business priorities.


A solution for wholesalers, agents, and underwriters

Managing general agents, managing underwriters, and wholesalers need only to use a laptop or mobile device to access their tools wherever they are in the world. This simple yet impactful cloud-based solution will help make invoicing, reporting, policy management, insurance accounting, document management, and email integration easier and more convenient. With this tool, you’ll also be able to monitor employee performance in real-time. It will be installed with a role-based dashboard that lets users view vital information, as well as time-critical tasks. It’s completely accessible, intuitive, and secure. Plus, it comes with unlimited storage and email integration.


A partner-client platform

Insurance companies thrive to achieve excellence through top quality and consistent products and services. With a single portal that’s innovative, intuitive, and comprehensive, you’ll be able to meet the increasing demands of your clients. This system will be integrated with sales, financial management capabilities, reporting, and business analytics. It will let users manage billing, bank reconciliation, claims and policy management, accounting, and more. The portal will help you create automated and customizable workflows and campaigns professionally. It also has a Document Management feature to organize and digitize information and files more easily. Aside from that, it integrates various communication vehicles, such as text messaging, Outlook Email, personalized workflows, and more. All of these will help your agency become more responsive and affordable.


Stand-alone policy administration software solution

Metrosion aims to cater to the diverse needs of insurers, agents, carriers, back-office staff, and shoppers alike. This solution will be easily accessible and has improved functionality tailored your market’s specific needs. It will also prevent you from taking unnecessary steps and making expensive errors through automated web services and underwriting. This portal lets you access policy processing capabilities, generate quotes, underwrite policies, process billings and claims, run analytics, and create and analyze reports.


Automated agency management system

This platform offers a powerful tool to access, manage, and report data related to clients, prospects, agents, and commissions with ease. This is especially useful if you’re a GA (General Agent), MGA (Managing General Agent), FMO (Field Marketing Organization), or IMO (Insurance Marketing Organization). This cloud-based system will help you manage your agency more conveniently, helping you keep track everything and use the available information to make intelligent decisions that will improve your business. It will also help you project commissions to ensure that you’ll get paid what you deserve. Additionally, this software solution will also automate business processes, including email, agent tracking, etc. to fulfill your agency’s unique needs. With this management system, you’ll be able to automate marketing and workflow campaigns, too, ensuring that you’ll be able to have instant access to all crucial data, including policies, applications, beneficiaries, notes, and more.


Insurance quoting solution

This intuitive cloud-based system helps make the lives of insurers easier by allowing them to present rates to their clients in a hassle-free way. It gives users a single platform that integrates into their websites and management systems, automating and streamlining the exchange of information. This will have a customizable dashboard where users can control everything. It will enable users to receive personalized proposals that include customer waivers and cost indication. It’s also going to make your proposal process more convenient with the suite’s pre-designed templates that offer rate quotes automatically.


Cloud-based CRM solution for insurance agents

This CRM (Customer Relationship Management) suite is designed specifically to cater to the needs of insurance agents for property, life, health care, and casualty insurance. This will feature a customer information system that allows for easy commission tracking, multichannel communication, document generation, and task assignment. It will utilize your firm’s existing customer information database to help agents prepare and send invoices, new proposals, and accords in an instant. Through this data, you’ll be able to make intelligent decisions that will have a huge impact on your business. It will also help improve your team’s speed, accuracy, and efficiency by tracking, assigning, informing, and delivering everything that you ask of it. And because insurers and agents are able to work seamlessly on the same platform, more can be accomplished in a given day.


Insurance application for property and casualty (P&C) insurers

This on-premise or cloud-based insurance software solution can be an integrated system or a standalone application. It can be used for billing customers, administering policies, managing claims, and more. It can be integrated into the vast insurance ecosystem, including machine learning and chatbots, to increase customer engagement and retention. This software solution will help control claims management and settlement process. This innovative solution for the P&C market will help organizations draw insights from the data it gathers.

The Metrosion Advantage


Metrosion’s holistic digital approach enables our clients to stay afloat in these modern times.


Through our automated systems, you’ll be able to accomplish more, improve customer service, and increase your revenues. This, too, can result in lower costs, giving your company more time and resources to focus on more pressing problems.

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