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Student Life

The education industry is subjected to significant changes on a global scale. From embracing technological advancements and student mobility to maintaining greatness in delivery standards, IT is at the core of the education industry. Can it be compromised? Not since education is the foundation of any society.


Globalization of education has both pros and cons. Wondering what the perks might be? Optimization in the field of communication technologies has led to an increased flow of knowledge. It also has paved the way for greater capital mobility. However, focusing on the perks only isn’t fair. Some limelight must be shed on the challenges faced by the industry as well. Recruiting new students and retaining them is quite a pickle considering the upsurge in competition. There is a pressing demand for effective response mechanism. In the virtual world like that of today, there’s free access to information online. It does cause a stir in maintaining both tangible and intangible assets of the industry.


Using the best software solutions help evaluate priorities and scenarios in business. From introducing paperless classrooms to using software for advanced learning management, a lot of issues can be addressed in the digital platform.


Best In Class Solutions For The Educational Field


At Metrosion, we envision ourselves to be of best use to businesses of all size and genre. Clients come first. Therefore, our attempt is to accelerate the growth and potential of a company by bringing highly advanced software on boards. The education industry is no different. We customize software solutions and provide professional development services to make business operations a cakewalk.


The company is established in The United States of America, but here at Metrosion, we provide services globally.


Our Vision

To ensure that Metrosion stands out as the best known strategic IT partner for clients across the globe. Technology and business are interdependent. Therefore, we must be on tabs, providing an effective one-stop solution to the technological and business needs of our clients. From manufacturing IT products that work wonders to providing class-apart software solutions, Metrosion is dedicated to achieving excellence on a global platform.


Our Mission

To achieve our goal and offer top-notch software services in the global market. Innovation in technology is constant. By embracing the best in the continually evolving world of technology, we aim at merging our technical expertise and expansive knowledge of the domain to provide IT solutions that are cost-effective and business appropriate. Delivering quality and excellence is key to retain clients and their trust.


Company Ethics


The World Revolves Around Technology

Our quest for newfangled technology and innovation, combined with our expansive knowledge about the domain makes our foothold stronger than ever.


Building Relationships

There’s a difference between people working in coalition and robots performing. We at Metrosion value our bond with all clients. Our employees are our favorites. We toil, laugh, play, and work as one big happy family.


Deliver The Best Solutions

Understanding the know-hows of technological advancements are not enough. We make efforts, learn, and execute software solutions that cater to all business needs and problems. Our value for commitment is matchless.



It is your success that makes us winners. With a qualified team of top-notch professionals, we shape to make your business bigger and better. Our software solutions are cutting-edge and keep you out of roadblocks. Metrosion has exclusively designed, and customized software plans to benefit businesses by large.


Detailed Consultation


Describing it as one of the most basic and crucial steps is appropriate. To forge ahead and provide our clients with the most effective and personalized solution, consultation is the go-to step. It is of great value as consultation helps us analyze your business better. The idea is to provide a custom-designed solution, specific to your business needs. Consultation helps us leap forward in understanding the nitty-gritty of your business and its requirements.


Class-Apart Solutions, Apt For The Education Industry

The goal is to rekindle all the business prospects of our clients. Coming up with leading-edge products and exclusive development methods to boost business in the education industry is our primary goal. However, we create products that specifically cater to your business requirements. The objective is to simplify all business operations on the digital front and design A1 applications that make the execution of processes a smooth-sailing without bearing the brunt of unnecessary expenses.


Praiseworthy Customer Service

Little were you unaware that the education industry is booming. With businesses flourishing, new, modern, and upgraded communication services have become the most sought-after aspect. We appreciate the need and integrate the best of communication mechanisms for a seamless experience. Apart from providing software solutions that are spot-on and effective for your line of trade, we ensure that Metrosion rewards you with a winning communication experience. Our portals are 100% secured and guarantees the absolute safety of our clients interests.

Case Studies


The education industry has withstood a revolutionary change over time. Innovations, upgradations, and changes are not guaranteed to come to a halt anytime soon. We aspire to keep you up-to-date with the latest transformations and trends in the industry. Let’s make way for advanced technology. It cuts down labor by large but most importantly, helps you stick to an affordable budget.


Student Assistance Software Solution

Getting hands-on software that could boost the morale of students and make them future-ready - did you ever wish for a software that could do the magic? Well, your prayers have been answered! Introducing to you is a highly advanced ‘Student Information System’ or SIS. This platform is intricately designed to benefit students by leaps and bounds. From information regarding admissions and registration to aspects as crucial as custom report cards, a student can avail information of any kind without any hassle. Provisions for exclusive parent portals and student portals are also provided. Everything from standard grading to state reports, attendance, and demographics are well covered in the Student Information System. Wondering if using this portal is challenging or not? Here’s the good news. Regardless of the portal being state-of-the-art, sophisticated, and replete with innovative technical knicks and knacks, the integrated portal is extremely easy to use.


Quality Assessment and Management Portal

Technological upgradations in the educational sector are on a hike. We bring to you an intricately designed cloud-based portal that rewards you with the most effective management solution. The SaaS is an amalgamation of the Student Information System, Learning Management System, and School Management System. Calling it a class-apart one-stop solution is accurate. From Google G-Suite and Office 365 to SMS services and other 3rd party tools, this platform is equipped with everything necessary to help you manage all operations seamlessly. No wonder it is a favorite for most educational institutes.


The Upgraded Planner Software

Being a part of the education industry rewards you with experiences of all kind. Whether you are a founder of an Institution, a student or a worried parent, missing out on key dates for activities or other student development programs is pretty common. We are proud to provide you with an advanced online management and registration program. Now, keeping track of a student’s personal information or a family’s personal information is a one-click job. Registering for events is a no-hassle job too. Just drop in and register online. You will be automatically signed up for notifications related to programs and changes if any.


All-In-One Teacher’s Tracking Application

For teachers to save time and the hassles of complex brain-work, Metrosion brings an optimized web-based solution. From curating lesson plans and performing curriculum mapping to updating report cards and grades, this cutting-edge digital solution is a boon to teachers and institutions. There are exclusive provisions for parental access as well.


High-End Grade-Book Software

Have you heard of grade-book software? Keeping track of a student’s progress could be quite a tedious task at times. We offer an all-in-one software that eases the work of students, teachers, and parents. It is a grade-book software that includes other fantastic features like lesson planning, functions of a calendar, reporting, attendance, making reports, and providing the most recent analytic in real-time. The software can easily be integrated with Google apps and is available in 13 different languages. So, irrespective of where you are planning to set-up your own institution, getting started with the help of this software is a piece of pie.


Full-Powered Data Management Application

Running a school is not as easy as it may sound. There are a zillion data to be acquired and maintained. From staff records, student data and other reports to a variety of transcripts, there’s a lot to be taken care of. Our objective is to simplify your business and make it big. This is why Metrosion has come up with an exclusive software system. It can be customized as per your requirements. Introducing a modern approach to modular component design, this software allows you to keep track of components like reports and grades, enrollments, transcripts, attendance, and schedules. Our system is pretty comprehensive and efficient enough to keep up with the requirements of charter schools, private institutions, public schools, and international educational bodies.


Time-Altered Digital Classroom

To make students familiar with evolving technology, it is always a good idea to introduce students to an education system, powered by technology. We provide you software that is crafted on the concept of paperless classrooms. Instead of running to technology, we bring technology right into the classrooms. This software allows you to collaborate and communicate with students effectively. Monitoring student performance is not hard anymore. Our software is compatible with multiple operating systems and works on all popular operating system, including Windows and iOS. We have exclusive tech consoles set up, helping you with easy installations, diagnosis, and reporting. Our software is user-friendly and a great aid to a student’s future.

Solutions To Enjoy A Leg Up In The Education Industry


Kick-starting in an already competitive education industry sounds formidable, right? Well, Metrosion is right at your fingertips, assisting you with diligently crafted software that guarantees you a win in the competition. From introducing students to the ultimate and technologically advanced study modules to facilitating institutions with simplified ways of storing and analyzing data, we plan on making your business operations a plain-sailing.

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