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Metrosion USA

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Burlingame, CA, 94010, USA

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  • What do we mean by, “Turn Your Idea into Software”?"
    We make access to software development and solutions easy for all that are interested in superior software solutions. Our transformative projects, for businesses and the members of our Metrosion Talent Network, have a real impact on businesses thanks to applications that matter. We also add value to the experience of our Enterprise customers thanks to our life cycle approach that produces customer focused applications at startup speed.
  • Can you help me build and implement my digital transformation strategy?
    If your company has funding that is committed and long-term, Metrosion is here to build your personal technology roadmap and chart a path to achieve your personal business objectives through specific initiatives. Let us know your vision so we can start you on the path to a custom made software solution. We provide information capacity that creates and maintain custom made applications that strategically drive your digital transformation strategy
  • How does Metrosion attract the best IT talent
    Millions of people in the United States are part of the “gig economy”. This diverse group of talent is a source of top IT talent across the country. Our business model is designed to attract the top talent from the United States, and beyond, by offering meaningful work that is merit-based in pay. We cultivate the best talent for each project, from the Metrosion Talent Network, and do not assign work just so freelancers will have a project to keep them busy. We make sure our talent is properly trained through onboarding for each individual project. We also monitor each team to make sure they are successful using data such as scored assessments and peer feedback reviews.
  • How is working with Metrosion better than directly hiring freelancers?
    We offer the best of both worlds! You get the benefits of a fully managed systems integrator while combining that with the speed and system agility you expect from Silicon Valley. We focus on implementing user feedback to avoid products that are “built to spec” but end up not succeeding during the market launch. In addition, we work on a fixed price, fixed scope basis which means talent incentives are based on completing assignments efficiently and correctly instead of taking their time to bill additional hours. Plus, using the Metrosion Talent Network frees you from the continuing overhead that is required to procure and manage freelance talent on a regular basis.
  • Can software be developed iteratively with a fixed proiect model?
    Since our client engagement model is designed to cover the complete life cycle of a digital initiative, we start with an extensive planning stage where the product roadmap and software solution are created to match your business objectives. Together we will define the project milestones and project price for all major releases. We examine user testing between each major release to validate the usability of the product and determine which features need to be adjusted before the next major release. This allows us to properly budget for the next release while also giving us the flexibility to make sure the final product meets the needs of consumers.
  • Will I own the IP created for my projects?
    Yes! Our customers own both the custom code and IP assets we develop for their projects.
  • How do I get started working with Metrosion?
    The first step is to let us know that you have a fully funded digital transformation initiative. Then we will discuss our various software development packages with you to make sure we find the right platform to develop your project.
  • Once I sign the contract, how quickly will my project begin?"
    It will only take a couple of days (or less) to get the project development process started. We will work with your team to outline a plan that includes a product roadmap, solutions architecture and any initial plans to create a Minimum Viable Product. In addition, specialists will be added during the building phase of the project (as needed) once the plan is approved to begin.
  • How is my project team assembled?
    Once the final plans and designs for the project are finalized, Metrosion will have all of the necessary information to recruit and assemble the best technical team to fully execute your Minimum Viable Product. Plus, our expert technical team members will add key functionality as laid out in the product roadmap. Team members are selected based on the specific technical needs of your project and members will be added or subtracted as necessary due to the evolving needs of the project.
  • How fast will the project be built?
    Our iterative methodology focuses on quickly and efficiently building a Minimum Viable Product. This includes the core functionality that enables such steps as user testing and prioritization of other features that will be included in future releases. Our delivery team generally produces software deliverables two or three times per month so they can be user tested to validate the predetermined requirements. The insights gained by user testing are combined with the experience our team has with similar applications in order to better execute the features planned for future releases.
  • Is there a minimum size to a project that you will work on?
    Our client project focus is on applications and programs that make a difference in the lives and daily work of our clients. We handle projects that range in cost from thousands of dollars to multi-million dollar projects. If you are not sure about the total size and scope of your project, contact us for a consultation appointment to determine the size and specs of your software architecture.
  • Metrosion Software Solution Delivery System
    Metrosion combines the skills of our Talent Network with cutting edge technology and processes that drive digital success for our clients. Our delivery system utilizes a technology platform featuring a repeatable, outcome-focused, measurable methodology that delivers software applications that make an impact on the success of a business.
  • What is the composition of the team?
    Metrosion project teams normally contain multiple roles in each team. Some of the more common team roles include: Project Manager Product Manager Designer Solutions Architect Software Engineer Engagement Manager Program Manager (for bigger projects) We make sure the right talent resources are applied to each phase of the project The right resources include locating and recruiting the best talent available for each of the above roles including technical talent and world class designers that deliver high-quality, reliable, complex Enterprise applications. The member of the Metrosion Talent Network recruit and refer other A-list talent to join our freelance ranks. They bring their technical and business expertise to Metrosion which ensures startup product development methodologies are used in the Enterprise space.
  • Will I work directly with the development team?
    Metrosion clients directly engage with their Project Manager and Engagement Manager to make sure the team is focused on the correct business objectives. In addition, our clients have a open line of communication with the other members of the team.
  • How does Metrosion make sure the goals of the business are met?
    We meet one-on-one with each client to custom make a business plan that keeps the individual needs of the client in mind. We set milestones to be met during the development process before the next step is taken in the life cycle of the project. Following the business plan, developed during our initial meetings, enables us to monitor and optimize the productivity of our development process
  • How are Metrosion projects structured?
    The first step of the Metrosion project structure is the planning phase which leads to a Minimum Viable Product that includes user testing of the concept of the product. The application development is then structured using release milestones that address the key functionality that helps achieve designated results for businesses. We also use agile processes focused on fast results so we push new releases as scheduled to achieve the designated design process milestones.
  • How does Metrosion make sure the work is done properly, and on schedule, if the team members are located all over the world?"
    The Metrosion Software Solution Delivery System includes a communication platform that allows team members all across the globe to work together to deliver high-quality software solutions no matter where they are located. Our technology platform also allows Engagement and Project Managers clear insights into the status of a project to monitor and manage the progress of an individual project.
  • How does Metrosion ensure the quality of the applications?
    Our Metrosion Talent Network peer review process ensures the application has deliverable quality. In addition, our talent is compensated by the milestones they meet, along with an incentive structure that is dependent on the quality of the output from the team as well as their level of collaboration when it comes to DevOps support, user acceptance testing and product stress testing.
  • How are the software applications maintained?
    The Metrosion Talent Network includes professionals from all over the world that monitor and provide support for software applications. We address pressing issues and provide regularly scheduled software updates in partnership with service providers, client support teams and hosting services. We also perform regular maintenance to fix any bugs or issues during user testing all the way to the final release/the project is concluded
  • Does the development process comply with the corporate security guidelines of our company?
    Our development team works with your Chief Information Security Office to ensure Metrosion is working in accordance with your security requirements. In addition, all member of the Metrosion Talent Network are required to sign and adhere to a strict NDA which applies to all Metrosion business including any client project.
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