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Transport & Logstics

Software animation advancement of innovation in the field of transport and logistics has changed the complete perception of deliveries for the end-user. The psychological expectation of the customer for next day deliveries has made it quintessential for a third party logistics organization to game up and be on their toes for providing world-class customer service.

In the era, where data is oil, knowing where the shipment is exceptionally crucial for both sender and receiver, and fortunately, the process is straightforward and cost-effective. Thanks to technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Metrosion excels in all the above technologies and is reputed to create wonders in the sector of transport and logistics.

The research team at Metrosion is always in search of innovative methodologies to bring the best for the transport industry. We understand that the industry works at high speeds and with lower margins. Therefore, for the logistics industry, money saved is money earned.

At Metrosion, we strive to increase the profitability to our customers by ensuring the reduction of losses and an increase in productivity in everyday operations. The principal elements of the business are machine and men. For a labor-intensive industry like logistics, it is essential that we plan well and execute it to perfection. A bright and well-sought plan is more than half of the work done. Therefore, we develop software that can digitalize the planning and decision making employing which the productivity quadruples over a period of three months.

We are excellent at deploying Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML) and cloud computing techniques to their best use. These are the modern, groundbreaking innovative techniques which have helped many industries to save a lot of money and improve customer satisfaction.

Our SoftwareSoftware ensures the life of the service provider is made more accessible by handling daily tasks like freight calculations, route planning, cross dockings, shipment tracking, transit management, delivery proofing, yard management and other related activities.

Apart, it also ensures the

  1. Orders to every tour are entirely automated

  2. Mapping the routes for the delivery considering the real-time data like traffic congestions and other deviations. Our SoftwareSoftware is also capable of providing alternative ways for the same destinations

  3. Fetching the addresses and accounts for last-minute orders, through online maps or stored data

  4. Communication management to the delivery executives for the last minute cancelled orders, to save time and cost of delivery

What drives us


The reason we work is to see smiles on your customer’s face. Can there be anything more joyful than the smile on the end user’s face? We wonder!!! And this smile keeps us pushing for something better, every single day.





Transport Management Systems

Transport Management systems, popularly abbreviated as TMS and is specially programmed for planning, executing and transporting the shipment of customers from a place to another. Clients perform two fundamental activities on a TMS:

  1. Research and analyze the rates (costs) involved in administrations of transporters (vendors)  accessible to transport a client's organization

  2. Book the shipment, at the receiving end and track its movement till the last mile and delivery at right place.

The significant objectives of utilizing a TMS are: 

  • Improve shipping productivity

  • Diminish costs,

  • Increase transparency through the systems

  • Guarantee consumer loyalty

Metrosion, with its specially deployed team for the transport sector, specializes in developing the Transport Management Systems.

Warehouse Management Systems

The warehouse management, popularly abbreviated as WMS is an arrangement through well-defined Programmes and procedures that enable industries and third-party logistics companies to control and regulate distribution center activities. Every activity from the point, materials enter a distribution center until they move out, can be monitored, planned and executed through a warehouse management system.

Depending upon the size of the organization, industry and implementation methods, WMS vary in design and the complexities. However, the following are the characteristic features of WMS:

  1. Warehouse design: While the customization in the WMS design is of prime importance, the workflow and bin allotment remains almost the same in most of the cases

  2. Inventory Tracking: Through RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification) and AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data capture), the search of the goods across the biggest of the warehouses becomes very easy

  3. Receiving and put away: Using the pick to light or pick to voice technologies, the retrieval and put away becomes very easy for the employees, saving time and increasing productivity

  4. Shipping: All the documentation needed for a specific kind of delivery can be automated, and pick-pack-ship becomes a task of a few minutes. The documentation includes legal documents to the invoice raised to the customer. All at clicks of some buttons.

  5. Labor Management: Helps to keep an eye on the KPIs of the workers In the warehouse, ensuring a boost in productivity

  6. Reporting: Performance analysis in simple diagrammatical formats to help management act upon critical areas.

Fleet and Asset Management Systems (FMS)

The Metrosion’s FMS is an excellent software platform to perform actions like acquisition, allocation and disposal of assets to the task or a worker and procurement. All the above three can be done irrespective of the assets being purchased, rented or leased.

Our clients will be easily able to manage the orders by maintaining the data of all equipment with relevant documents like bills, warranty and guarantee documents, contracts for rent or lease, technical specifications etc.

The Metrosion’s uses a centralized management system which uses cloud computing methodologies, ensuring 100% security of all data at a very affordable cost. The data storage through the cloud also saves the costs and space of heavy equipment to be installed within the office premises for data storage.

Auto Rating and Billing Systems

All done and no integration is useless in today’s digitalized world. Also, everything that comes in gets billed, and all that goes out gets invoiced in the business transactions. What if, a fleet has thousands to lakhs of the material moving in and out every single day and all get billed or invoiced automatically?

People Management

With the highest levels of automation, too, the need or skilled labor does not end. Moreover, for the labor intensive industries like transport and logistics, ensuring the productivity is higher, and employee engagement is par standards is quintessential.

With the customized SoftwareSoftware for your transport business, we also integrate labor management or human resource management platforms. It ensures the smooth tracking of workflow and other employee-related activities like salary and incentive processing, data gathering, and storing of each employee and performance records.

With such integration, the truck drivers, forklift operators, warehouse employees and other clerical staff can be brought to high effectiveness.

Case Studies


Reduces downtime


For an industry like transport and logistics, time is significant for both service providers and end-users. The impact of time lost due to the repair and replacement of an asset is enormous. With proper SoftwareSoftware installed, it becomes easy to track down the location of the asset, understand the technical specifications, use the right tools and get it to work in the shortest time possible. After all, time saved in money earned in the logistics business.

Improves Visibility

More precise the data, more straightforward is the decision making. With the integration, the data can be visualized concerning specific departments like fleet, freight, warehouse, labor and also integrated data of all these to understand and analyze the overall performance.

The visibility brings in the clarity of thoughts which helps in deciding the way ahead for the task at hand — the quicker and data-driven decisions taken help in delivering the expected results.

Automates data sharing

The SoftwareSoftware developed by Metrosion help in sharing data both within the organization and across the third parties. The user will be given credentials and can control the data that gets shared across platforms.

Ex: The data of each employee, comprising their personal details and the salaries can be kept confidential to all others except the right people.

Any confidential data can be kept unshared to the third party, yet sharing the necessary details of the project.


Route Planning

For a delivery executive of each organization, it is cumbersome to develop route plans and be able to deliver all the deliveries within a stipulated time. However, with Metrosion’s Software to plan routes (TMS), it is effortless and takes only a few clicks to arrive at the needed route map for the day.

The TMS further connects with the online maps across various operating systems and helps ion providing real-time data of the delivery to both the sender and receiver.

Independent, Flexible and secure

With the cloud-based digitalized solution, the Metrosion promises to deliver a 100% customized solution that is highly specific to your requirements. The designed SoftwareSoftware will be flexible can be changed as per the needs of your businesses in the coming years, and the data is always safe and takes minimum cost.

Accessible everywhere

The digitalized platform can be accessed anywhere and everywhere. Part of which can also be accessed without connecting to the internet. The accessibility can be extended to all the places you go, and the quick decision points can be taken and handled from anywhere and anytime.

 Most of the clients who used our transport and logistic SoftwareSoftware said the following about our products and services:

  1. Highly customized to the minutest level of operations, perfectly suits the customer’s requirements

  2. On-time delivery

  3. Easy to use

  4. 100% secure

  5. Very cost-effective


 We gauge our success by our customer's success, therefore are ready to put in anything and everything to see you at the top.

Come, Co-design with us to achieve the heights of excellence in the transport and logistics industry.