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Metrosion is a proud service provider in the real estate industry. We facilitate designing, planning, implementing, developing and programming custom real estate management software that will drive business transformation. Our customized solution can easily integrate with CRM, ERP platforms and automated workflows. We use cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to handle real estate issues. We assist real estate companies and brokers to seize new business opportunities. Our real estate customized solution will help property managers and agents to connect with customers on the go, as well as seamless and efficient management of leads.

 We offer amazing enterprise solutions for real estate such as real estate portals, lead management system, agent login, and more. We can also build the mobile application for your real estate business that will allow managers and agents to showcase and view the property on their smart devices, providing easy access to information, including appointments, reports, space details and other inputs needed for tracking and capturing lead status. Our exceptional software applications for streamlining the valuation, commercial and other related services of construction and real estate companies. Our powerful mobile applications and portals assist real estate business to enhance ROI and generate revenue. Our experts and engineers have in-depth domain knowledge. We understand both business and technology and will help you across all phases (from prior-construction planning to post-construction sales). Our smart software solution enables your real estate business to capitalize on the power of mobile technology, cloud computing, wearable technology, the Internet of Things, and more. 


Why Metrosion for building custom software for your real estate industry?

At Metrosion, we treat our every clients’ business with utmost care and responsibility. Our experts use the best industry practices to provide you optimum and profound solutions in order to raise sales and revenue for your real estate businesses. Our high-quality software solution will be powerful enough to drive transformation in your business. We will help you to stand out in the crowd in this digital advancement era. 


We assist our client in the following ways:


  • Analyze and understand our client’s business and requirements. We plan deliverables, actionable tasks, priorities, etc. that will reduce the time-to-market.

  • Outline an efficient and amazing plan to execute your business strategy well.

  • Make strategies and plan to eradicate challenges and obstacles in your business workflow.

  • Build and design powerful solutions that will take your real estate business to a new height.


At Metrosion engineers work in mature DevOps and agile environments to deliver you the product of your dreams. We work in sprints where a project is divided into manageable modules. Every module of the project is being treated with immense care and responsibility. Working with modules lets us build powerful and defect-free products. It also reduces time-to-market, enhancing your business productivity and efficiency. The good thing about DevOps and agile methodology is, before delivering the product into production, our product goes through various phases of testing and quality assurance to ensure it will meet exactly with your business requirements. We assure that our software will be scalable and flexible even when your business will grow. We also maintain consistent collaboration in the meanwhile of the ongoing projects. In addition to this, we also provide maintenance service to keep our client business updated in this digital landscape. We use trending methodologies and tools that will help you to grow your real estate business and enhance your brand awareness across the world. 


The world is getting more and more digitized day by day. In this technological advancement world, you need to streamline your business operations in a way that will help you to maintain a competitive edge in this digital marketplace. Due to the highly-competitive market, sometimes you may feel the pressure of maintaining competency. With Metrosion, you don’t need to worry about the future of your business. We will provide you an excellent customized solution that will enhance your business efficiency and productivity. We provide excellent and smart solutions using a cost-effective approach that will help you to manage your business more effectively. We also understand that in the real estate sector, every decision you make has a direct impact on your business growth. Our data science engineers can analyze the future outcomes of your business and give you a perfect solution that will help in your business growth.     


With Metrosion, turn your imagination into reality and drive business transformation. We will add value to your real estate business and make your brand known globally. 


Have a look at Metrosion’s capabilities:

Robust development approach

Our engineers use modern tools, mechanisms, technologies, and methodology to develop and design powerful and robust custom solutions for your real estate business. We also ensure security and flexibility. We follow a mature development approach- planning, requirement analysis, designing, development, testing, quality assurance, and maintenance. This enables us to develop high-quality products in less time, driving your business efficiency. 


Deliver high-quality and defect-free software


Our dedicated team of engineers provides error-free products that is flexible, scalable and secure. Our engineers used cutting edge technologies o perform testing and quality assurance on the software. We offer amazing software solutions for your real estate businesses that will enhance its potentiality and efficiency. 


Dedicated customer service


We offer dedicated and highly interactive customer support service for our clients. You can approach us from anywhere at any time with your queries. We will happy to serve you. We will assist you in resolving your business or technology issues. We always believe in consistent communication and collaboration in order to serve our clients better. 

Case studies

Before elaborating on our real-time case studies, let’s understand why you should choose custom software over off-the-shelf (ready-made software). While ready-made software has many in-built features that might not exactly meet all your unique business requirements whereas custom software is specially designed will surely fit in your business. In the future, if your business grows, customized software will be enhanced to match your extended unique business whereas ready-made software might not go well with your growing business.  


Look at the following case studies in real estate industries:


Repair calculator and voice recognition software


We provide excellent voice recognition tools to walk a client through the home with phone and grant access to the testimonials from the homeowner or square footage. We have built amazing tools to assist quickly calculate the cost of repairs (as per the standardized benchmark). 


Online collaboration tools and listing services


Our expert develops tools for effective collaboration between customers and agents with options to provide data encryption/security as well to upload documents in the application. We can replace the less efficient relationship-driven model with our hi-powered commercial listing services. 


Location-based app


Metrosion also develops GPS or location-based tools to facilitate selling, buying or renting of properties online. Customers can also search and find the agent details. We can build an app that can enable users to see the house and directions to open the house.


Property management


We offer a profound software solution that will reduce your manual day to day and repetitive work and automate 90% of your routine work, enhancing your business productivity. We can help management companies and property owners to track commercial real estate assets seamlessly. 


Responsive web design


We offer custom web services, including automated featured listings, fully responsive designs, flexible desktop solutions and more. Using a proprietary logo, our experts can re-brands the website and automate your administrative tasks. 


Real estate app implementation


We integrate real estate applications with components such as agent-only profiles, sourced listing information, comparative market analysis, property display on interactive maps, safety timers and off-market and active listing views. 


Listing software solution


We build smart solutions for your real estate business that provides excellent solutions for listing agents and buyers’ agents, displaying the listing details. Also, we can create listing software for online usability, including full control over layout, user-controlled filed edit rights, field display, integration with external data sources and optional google mapping. 


Integrating or building ERP and CRM application


We can also build Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for your real estate business. Also, we can integrate CRM and ERP applications into your existing software. We can help you to manage your business operations, including sales management, rent management, finance, and accounting. This, in turn, will increase your business productivity, enhancing sales and revenue. 

Drive business transformation with Metrosion

We offer a complete range of technology solutions for your real estate business, from designing and development to consulting services. Our competence in real estate industry involves:


  • Tracking and monitoring system for operations dashboard implementations and report generation.

  • Field force management system

  • Software solution for end-to-end business across the value chain.

  • ERP solution for risk monitoring, asset management, document management, sales and inventory management.

  • Finance and account management system.  

  • Real estate business consulting portal


With Metrosion, enhance the reliability and efficiency of your real estate business in this digital marketplace. 

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