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Business Operations

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No matter what type of business sector you operate in on a daily basis, there will always be a list of activities to handle each day. Even with a large group of workers to handle these tasks, it can still be quite a challenge to perform daily operations as efficiently and cost-effective as possible.

For the reasons listed above, many business operations turn to cutting-edge digital transformations that allow them to stay one step ahead of the pack. These days, a growing number of organizations are investing millions of dollars in business operations software solutions that automate business processes, mitigate overall risks, and enhance the overall efficiency of businesses of all sizes. Advancements in the technology of business operations help to reduce or eliminate errors while allowing companies to meet the demands of their customers.

Business Operations Solutions for Companies of All Sizes

Metrosion understands the desire of companies of all sizes to make their daily operations easier.  That is why we are committed to creating customized software solutions that are both practical and highly intelligent. Our goal is to help your company do more while spending less money thanks to the following custom-made software solutions:

  • Software Applications

  • Data Engineering

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Blockchain

  • Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Thanks to the unification of different business processes such as project management, CRM, finance, customer support, and billing and invoicing, businesses are able to save time and money for years to come. 

Metrosion helps clients in all business sectors increase sales and profitability, improve customer support services, transform their project management capabilities, increase collaborations, and expand their visibility through a wide variety of business operation solutions.


Your overall success is our top priority. We help you succeed by performing business functions using various custom-made software solutions specifically designed to address different challenges in your business sector.


Metrosion is committed to offering impactful consultation services that allow us to address the specific needs of your business.

Business Operations Solutions for a Variety of Industries

Businesses of all sizes need the ability to meet the demands of their customers. Our cutting-edge software solutions for the business operations sector are designed with your specific needs in mind. From the initial consultation appointment to the completed project, we make sure you are able to offer your input and insights during every step of the process.

Superior Customer Experience


In addition to making sure our software solutions provide the desired results by working intuitively with your current system, we also ensure that all portals are secured to protect the interests of our clients.


Operations Transformation


The phrase “Operations Transformation” refers to any activity that has an impact on the value of the input, capital, labor, and materials.


Case Studies that Lead the Way


Metrosion will design custom-made software suites to help your business operations across the county, as well as around the globe, grow through streamlined processes throughout their value chains.

Two-Way Supply Portal


A two-way supply portal is a software solution that streamlines supply chain processes and visibility thanks to improved supplier collaboration. The analytical tools of the two-way supply portal help clients implement and manage a collaborative push/pull material replenishment system. In addition, it also improves the order tracking system between material planners, buyers, and suppliers and also allows buyers and suppliers instant access to data that improves their ability to make decisions related to material replenishment. 

Client Engagement App


A software solution that is specifically designed to help small service providers stay connected with their clients 24/7. Your clients use a mobile phone to schedule appointments, book services, register for events, share files, and much more. The app can also be used to sync your schedules, issue invoices, send automated payment notifications, track payments, issue receipts, and create discount coupons for clients. The app can also improve and augment marketing campaigns, lead generation, and revenue by boosting traffic to increase sales and create long-term relationships with customers.


Cloud-Based Business Management System


This is a cloud-based software solution that is also available as software that is installed on your server. It includes all of the tools you need to make business management less stressful. Some of the tools available to you include CRM, secure document management, resource management, process tracking, project management, workgroup management, business process automation, email marketing, invoicing, and other collaboration systems. Our cloud-based management system enables you to accomplish more tasks in less time, at a lower cost, than ever before.


Project Management Productivity Solutions


Project management is more than the overall work a business handles during the life of a project. However, project management solutions don’t always take other tasks into account that impact the daily operations of a business. Metrosion’s complete productivity suite allows you to easily track work tasks that cover a variety of in-house projects so you don’t duplicate your work. Our intelligent built-in tracking and billing system lets you create and manage checklists that sync with your calendar so they are easier to manage and track. Our intuitive project management program provides improved quality, efficiency, and accountability across your business.


Project Management AI Automation


Project management AI automation is an ideal software solution for project-based companies looking for a better way to manage their business systems. This system studies the history and data of an organization and uses it to optimize any current processes as well as automate and streamline specific tasks in order to boost productivity and efficiency. In addition, Metrosion’s project management AI automation offers transparency, time tracking, resource allocation, time tracking, and team collaboration for improved project planning as well as increased resource workload visibility. This visual platform lets you supervise teams and projects of large sizes to ensure everyone is on the same page when performing daily tasks and successfully working as a team. Thanks to the accurate data your organization gathers from progress reports generated by this software solution, your team is able to make strategic and informed decisions that boost the performance of your company.


Cloud-Based ERP Application


Metrosion’s intuitive business operation solution that gives self-employed individuals and small businesses a secure and comprehensive system that links your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to grow your productivity. This all-in-one tool centralizes your business operations to save you time and money and makes operations management easier by automating certain tasks. You can use it to set payment reminders, generate invoices, manage inventory, get recurring billing alerts, and evaluate current and future customers. Your data is saved in a secure cloud server that authorized team members can access anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night.


Business Management Platform for VARs


VARs, also known as Value-Added Resellers, are businesses that add features or services to a product that already exists in order to resell them to end-users as part of a complete turnkey solution. Metrosion is ready to help VARs streamline their business operations with an all-in-one software suite that drives sales through increased productivity and improved customer relations. Your business will be able to access distributors, quote prices, and create sales reports for each client. This Metrosion software solution also stores critical customer information as well as workflows and pricing info thanks to its ability to integrate with most major accounting systems, CRM suites, and ERP applications.

SaaS Platform that Easily Automates Your Workflow


Time is money in the business world and you need an easy way to automate and integrate your workflow. Our SaaS (Software as a Solution) platform allows you to conduct your daily business in a streamlined fashion while effectively addressing the needs of your company. This custom-made software solution saves you time and money by removing workflow obstacles and ensuring business growth.  Get ready to solve challenges in your operations and eliminate complex business problems. 

Cloud-Based Business and Accounting Software

Metrosion’s all-inclusive business software solution allows you to integrate a variety of tasks in your company including CRM, payroll, and finance. Our intuitive platform delivers accurate insights of your available cash resources, instantly access vital data, perform payroll functions, control your supply chain, and easily manage your daily business processes. 

Achieving and Maintaining Business Operation Goals


No matter the size of your business, custom-made software applications from Metrosion can make your business operate more efficiently. Contact us about creating software solutions that help you achieve, maintain, or grow your weekly, monthly, and yearly business operations goals. 

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