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Financial Services

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From the past few years, financial industries are growing at an unprecedented rate. Every year new regulations are proposed and existing regulations are renewed. Financial industries require flexible solutions to meet the constant changes within their business structure. With the emerging market, financial enterprises need efficient and effective software solutions in order to operate their business well. These solutions should be responsive and scalable enough to attract different financial opportunities for your business. Also, there is no denying the fact that credit card theft and data breaches are increasing day-by-day. However, with the smart software solution for your financial business, you don’t have to worry about cybersecurity. As it will be capable enough to combat information security threats.  


Why Metrosion for building custom software for your financial industry?


At Metrosion, we treat our clients with the utmost responsibility. Our world-class engineers can develop flexible, scalable, robust and high-quality software for your business. We help you to streamline your business processes and maintain a competitive edge in this digital marketplace. We rely on the latest and cutting-edge tools to offer you optimum solutions that will add more value to your business. 


To help our clients meeting their business goals, our strategy involves:


  • Understanding clients’ business requirements including, actionable objectives, deliverables, tasks, priorities associated with their business goals.

  • Outlining an effective and powerful plan to achieve our clients’ business goals.

  • Making plans to overcome obstacles and challenges that come in a way to deliver a high-quality solution.

  • Designing and developing smart solutions to drive results for our clients.


Metrosion engineers work in the agile methodology to design, develop and deliver powerful software solutions for your business. They work in sprints where the complex project is broken into a number of modules, making projects more manageable and allowing the team to deliver high-quality solutions to our clients in less time. This, in turn, reduces your time-to-market and improves your business efficiency and productivity. Before the work reaches to the production, it goes through quality assurance, ensuring deliverables meet the quality standard. We also offer maintenance services to ensure that the software will stay flexible with your growing business. We believe in consistent communication for all of your projects (from large, medium to small sizes). To provide you with error-free, robust, powerful and high-quality applications, our operation managers and project managers drive external and internal communication with your team, bridging the gap between non-technical and technical resources. With the idea of using trending technologies, we are here to help you to grow your business in order to build proficiency and increase your brand awareness worldwide.    


With the advent of technology, the world around us is getting more digitized, creating a landscape with the potential for high innovation. As this advancement is rising rapidly, many businesses feel the pressure of maintaining competency in this digital era. We at Metrosion can help you to eliminate this pressure. Our team use industry best practices to deliver efficient products at an affordable cost. We understand you and your business requirements. We know how essential it is in financial industries to make the right decision as every decision you make directly affects your business outgrowth. Metrosion has an expert team of data engineers that can analyze the result of the business plan even before its execution. With the well-researched data and predictive analytics techniques of our data engineers, you can predict what benefits your business will bring in the coming future.




Metrosion is a perfect partner to enhance the financial and operational processes of your business. We can turn your vision into a reality that will help you to thrive in this digital landscape. 


Flexible and secure development approach


Our world-class experts use the modern approach and the latest trends to build amazing powerful solutions for our clients. From planning, designing and developing to the quality assurance and delivering the application, we practice a flexible and secure approach throughout the software development cycle to provide you the software that drives your business efficiency. 


Provide error-free solutions for financial industries


Our dedicated team ensures you to provide a defect-free software that is efficient and robust. Our testing engineers use the latest testing tools to test every module of the software. With Metrosion, you don’t have to worry about the quality. We provide amazing technology solutions that can enhance the potential of your financial business. 


Highly interactive customer service


We provide a highly interactive customer service for all of our clients where they can approach us with their queries and get instant responses from us. We receive constant feedback from our clients and help them to address and resolve the issues they are facing. Our client satisfaction is our high priority.


Case studies


Choosing between custom software solutions and off-the-shelf software is sometimes difficult. While off-the-shelf software comes with many features that you might not necessarily need for your business, the custom software solution is designed specifically for your business that can fit your unique business requirements- no less, no more. In today’s technological advancement era, financial enterprises leveraging custom software solutions to meet the constantly changing and unique business needs. 

Metrosion provides you the platform that can improve client relationships and deliver the great user experiences, enhancing your business productivity.


Seamlessly control and manage your financials

We can provide you the powerful combination of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that can accelerate your business growth. We can build amazing software with easy to use interface that helps you to seamlessly manage your financials and business expenses. With our customized and smart software solutions, you can get key insights into your accounts and financials and make smart business-related decisions to achieve amazing results.


Automate your business process with enterprise content management system

Our engineers can build an amazing enterprise content management system that incorporates records management, business process management, and document management. It can eliminate the labor-intensive and repetitive tasks of the financial sector and automate your business processes. In this way, your team can save a lot of time and effort and focus on other productive work that can enhance your business efficiency. 


Increase customer satisfaction and maximize revenue streams with business intelligence

We understand that every business is unique. We take your unique requirements into account and offer you a complete and customized business intelligence tool that will help you to get valuable business insights. Business intelligence software provides you data analytics, competitive analysis, accurate and fast reporting, better data quality and self-service reporting, enabling you to make smarter decisions with actionable insights. Our customized business intelligence software helps in identifying the market trends, enhance operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and return on investment (ROI).


Enhance collaboration, communication, and data sharing within the team

Effective collaboration and communication have direct impact on project success. It helps in building an understanding of your goals. Our experts can build powerful communication and collaboration software that can optimize your team workflow and effectively handle communication and share information with business analysts, investors, stakeholders and more with greater accuracy. 


Deliver world-class service with CRM

Building great client relationships is the cornerstone of any business. To deliver high-quality customer experience and maximize client value, our customized CRM solution will help you to manage every aspect of your financial operations- from wealth management to banking and insurance to capital markets. With our CRM system, you can build deeper client relationships by working cohesively across middle-office, front-office, and back-office. This, in turn, increases your market productivity and drive sales and revenue. 


Manage compliance and ensure security with fraud detection software

We provide 100% protection against cybercrime, complying with new data privacy laws. To protect your business against malware and data breaches, our customized solution incorporates everything, including vulnerability scans, advanced security protocols, risk and fraud detection. We will help you minimize your loss risks and streamlining your business operations. 


Improve budget, reporting, forecasting and scenario planning

Custom software for financial industries can orchestrate and automate your business structure for compliance and audit. It can improve budget, reporting, forecasting and scenario planning. This, in turn, increases sales and revenue, improving your business cash flow. Custom software can address your every business need- from protecting your business-sensitive data to empower your business operations.   



Client first approach at Metrosion


Metrosion follow the client-first focus approach. Our core mission is to accomplish the specific objective of your business by developing smart solutions for you. Rely on us to build strategic products for your financial industries that reduce cost, increase revenue and drive business transformation.

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