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Travel & Hospitality

Image by Deanna Ritchie

Thanks to the rise of the Internet, customers are now able to express how they feel about their experience with businesses in a quick and easy manner. This means that travel and hospitality organizations need to be prepared 24/7 to respond to consumer concerns and always put their best foot forward when it comes to customer service.

Whether the travel experience is a short overnight stay or a longer business or personal trip, making sure customers have a superior experience is one of the top priorities of professionals in the travel and hospitality industry. Providing a superior guest experience is one of the cornerstones of earning repeat business. 

Hospitality Industry Challenges


One of the greatest challenges in the travel and hospitality industry is the short amount of time between providing services and receiving feedback from customers. Due to the increased competition in the hospitality industry, it is tougher than ever to get customers to remain loyal to one hotel or chain of hotels. 

Using the growing world of digitalization, the process of better understanding the wants and needs of hotel guests is possible thanks to the team at Metrosion. 

Customer Satisfaction Focus

It is important to remember that it is easier to retain an existing customer than it is to bring in a new guest.

Our overall goal is to ensure that our partners in the travel and hospitality industry do not have to worry about the operations of their businesses and this includes their sales, finance, and marketing departments. We strive to make face-to-face, or over the phone, interactions between customers and service provider executives a success by helping them better understand their guests/clients to the fullest extent possible.

At Metrosion, we ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and software solutions you need to provide the highest quality service to your clients. We work to bring about changes that make an impact in the field of travel and hospitality through digital solutions that use AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning).

Keeping Travel and Hospitality Industry Trends in Mind 

Thanks to the use of engineering-driven methodology, the room for error is greatly reduced. Metrosion keeps major trends in the travel and hospitality industry in mind when developing and executing digital solutions that drive successful businesses. The requirements needed for integration on the part of the end-user (your client) and the daily needs of your business is what Metrosion specializes in for the travel and hospitality industry. We understand your daily needs and overall strategy for:

  • Operations functions such as scheduling, reminders, communications, ticket and hotel bookings, itinerary planning and procurement requirements like RFI and RFQ

  • Finance operations such as invoices, collecting revenue, purchasing details and daily profit and loss statements

  • Sales and marketing functions such as data collection and processing, bulk messaging and emailing, collecting feedback and sending “thank you” messages

  • Office operations such as store details, petty cash handling, inventory, and employee attendance

We identify critical elements in the travel and hospitality sector and work to reduce the risk of customer loss through our software solutions. One of the essential elements of the travel and hospitality sector is the need to provide quality services, at an affordable cost, to customers at all times. 

We provide end to end digital solutions that are custom-made for you!



The Metrosion team is trained and experienced in providing world class software solutions that are easy to use while also providing a satisfactory experience for your guests. 

Here are some of the capabilities that make us stand out in providing digital solutions to the travel and hospitality industry:

Cost-Effective Digital Solutions and Customized Offers


The margins in the travel and hospitality industry are quite low. In order to offer the best deal, and get the attention of customers, our digital solutions customize customer offers by taking their profile into consideration as well as the number of repetitive orders and their order cycle. The software enables our partners to conduct marketing campaigns across platforms that take into account the psychological and demographic details of the customer.

“Feel Good Solutions” that Keep the Specific Customer in Mind

Each customer has unique needs which makes it difficult to offer everyone the same thing and still try to maintain customer satisfaction among the entire group. Metrosion develops AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) based solutions designed to collect and analyze data related to each customer to ensure the right offers and requirements are provided to the correct customer. No box goes unchecked thanks to our digital solutions that make it easy to anticipate the needs of your customers.


User-Friendly Digital Solutions


No matter how complex the coding is for a client project, our team ensures a friendly environment for the user. Our solutions are easy to use whether a person is a lower level executive or a high ranking official in an organization. 

Integration Solutions


We are integration solutions specialists across a variety of industries. Metrosion streamlines processes across all departments to ensure the free flow of data during the daily operations of areas as diverse as finances, sales, marketing, human resources, and operations.

Case Studies

Industry Based Consulting


The Metrosion team examines the latest trends in the travel and hospitality industry and is highly knowledgeable about the forces that drive the industry. Our team will listen and collaborate with you to better understand your needs and budget concerns in order to best design digital solutions that make operations run easier and create satisfied customers ready to spend money and grow your business.

Easy Scheduling


Our digital platforms make itinerary planning and scheduling easy enough that you can create a detailed plan for clients within an hour. 

Customer Experience

The most critical aspects of the travel and hospitality industry for service providers and customers are time, comfort, and cost. Our current customers say that the time they save in booking, along with the cost savings for the client through price comparisons, are key elements that create repeat orders and additional referrals. 

Repetitive Bookings


No matter the industry, most executives and salespeople travel to specific locations at regular intervals. Our process allows you to generate a well-planned itinerary that occurs repetitively through the digital platform. In addition, executives and salespeople that travel to multiple locations can also receive their itinerary for those locations with the click of a button.

Clientele Categorization


You work with a variety of clients and our software solutions make it easy to provide offers customized to meet the desires of each individual guest. Our customized offers range from pricing options to the choice of seats on an airplane to where the hotel is located in a city relative to their work destination. In addition, our digital solutions keep food allergies and medical conditions in mind by serving snacks and medicines specific to their health needs. 

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