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Communication & Media

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Every organization has specific operational needs, especially in this digital era. When it comes to communication, it’s important that it is done in a fast and efficient manner. Consumers nowadays expect more meaningful communication with those they buy products or get their services from.


With more people going mobile when it comes to shopping, researching, working, and the like, it’s only right that companies make mobile-first the bare minimum. This is especially true when it comes to communication and media. By ensuring that your business uses customer-facing forms of communication and that you focus on mobile connectivity, you’ll always be connected to your market.


Communication & Media Solutions


Metrosion is a company dedicated to providing customized and value-for-money software solutions to help clients be better equipped to face the challenges that they are and will be facing in the age of digital transformations. In other words, our technologies – software application, Artificial Intelligence (AI), data engineering, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) – will help you run your business faster through streamlined processes. And with our communication and media software solutions, we are helping you to be more accessible and always “on”.


The first step that we take to assist clients and be able to recommend the perfect solution is to identify the major challenges, as well as opportunities in the telecommunications and media industry. We can help you determine which trends will most likely have a huge impact on you and your customers.


Metrosion’s aim is to help industry players communicate faster, clearer, and on multiple channels. This is to keep all members of the organization connected and well-informed at all times. Through our software solutions, you will also be able to reach and be reachable to your target audience anytime, anywhere.




Streamlining and digitizing all forms of communication are important for your company to be able to communicate with your audience in a faster, more efficient manner. With Metrosion, you are in good hands knowing that we have many years of experience in software solutions.


Consultation and assessment

The consultation process allows us to gather the necessary data to help us make an accurate assessment of what your organization actually needs. Be it sending out push reminders to your clients through text messaging or gathering important customer data from your social media account, we will have a thorough consultation to ensure that your business will be able to keep up with the changing times.


State-of-the-art communication and media industry solutions

It is our number one goal to fuel our clients’ transformation through our digital solutions. We also make sure that all organizations will be able to simplify their operations by creating top-of-the-line platforms and applications that speed up and make processes more efficient without any unnecessary costs.


Unparalleled customer service

As technological advancements in the communication and media sector continue to become more sophisticated, organizations are expected to integrate all communication channels in one place for a seamless experience for members and end-users. This is where Metrosion can help you. It is our top priority to plan and design software solutions that meet and even exceed expectations.


Case Studies


Communication is crucial for every organization. This is why it’s important that all organizations keep up with the increasing demand for digital transformation to be able to improve communication within the company and with their clients.


Communication platform for marketing and sales

With a customizable live chat and email marketing automation platform at your disposal, your company will be able to close more deals. People can easily reach you because your lines of communication are always open and efficient since you can find them all in one place. This platform offers faster multi-channel support to get more conversions through real-time chat with targeted and qualified leads and automated email campaigns 24/7. This is done by pre-qualifying leads through forms that they need to fill out. It also increases conversions through automated newsletters and a live help desk. You and your customers will be able to save a lot of time and energy since consultations and other interactions can be done easily and instantly through a live chat. Plus, you can track and assess your business’ performance using this system through its real-time analytics.


Messaging app to make customers happier

With a dedicated messaging software that’s specifically designed for your business’ needs, you’ll be able to connect with your customers more easily. This app has a unified box for all users. It will have all your notifications, conversations, and more. This makes it easier for you and your team to track interactions with customers to better respond to their chats. It will also have saved replies and interactive image templates so you can quickly respond to queries and requests. It will also allow you to tag customers so you can spot your most valued customers and prioritize their chats. All of these can help you provide a more personalized service to your customers without shelling out a lot of money on other marketing strategies. It can be accessed through mobile devices and personal computers.


AI-powered SMS for businesses

The age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here and it’s helping thousands of businesses worldwide. With Metrosion’s help, you can use AI-powered text messaging to boost your business. This system will allow customers to book using SMS, giving them an easy and convenient way to reach you. It has automated answers and will gather booking details to make future bookings a breeze. It will also send automated notifications so customers can easily rebook anytime. All of these will save you and your customers a lot of time and effort.


All-in-one customer communications systems

With this software solution, you won’t have to manually process customer letters or wait for a long time to make simple changes to important document templates. You can also easily respond to customer inquiries using a single system. Aside from that, you can quickly create templates and manage them with a user-friendly tool. These can be automated and stored in one place to personalize and streamline communications processes. This enterprise-wide customer communications management system will help you meet all requirements when it comes to customer communication. It can also help ease the job of your programmers since this application will not disrupt their workflow every time a simple change to a document template is needed. All of these can increase consistency and accuracy while maintaining industry standards and regulatory compliance.


Enterprise Document Automation solution

For organizations to save time and resources when it comes to communication within the enterprise and with their customers, Metrosion will customize an Enterprise Document Automation (EDA) software to help them create, manage, and deliver to anyone who needs communications, including print, text messaging, email, social media, or other format. By automating documents, communication and customer service are improved, achieving higher levels of efficiency while reducing costs. This system can turn templates into workflows, turning customer data into forms that are easy to create, generate, and automate. This allows you to create pre-set questions to make gathering relevant data automatic. Users will also be able to upload Word or PDF files and integrate them to your interview questions. This makes gathering and sharing data, as well as measuring analytics more manageable for all users.


Artificial Intelligence-managed text messaging solution for hotels

Consumers nowadays demand faster, more efficient ways to reach businesses. Hotel guests, for example, want to be able to make their reservations without too much fuss. This is why Metrosion will create AI-managed text messaging software to help your guests make their bookings more conveniently, creating lasting first impressions and unforgettable experiences for them. What’s beautiful about this platform is that your customers don’t need to install another app to reach you. You can also automatically connect it with your existing property management systems without incurring additional costs. Make guests happier by scheduling check-ins through the SMS.


Customer engagement software for beauty and wellness businesses

This platform is specifically designed for the beauty, wellness, and healthcare sector. It will allow you to integrate your existing tools to manage and automate all communications using a single software, making your business more reachable for customers and helping build better relations. This software is a chatbot that answers frequently asked queries with automatic replies, saving you and your customers time and energy. You can also use Facebook Messenger broadcasts to keep your customers engaged and increase retention. This AI-powered system also takes care of customer appointments so you don’t ever have to miss any calls, which means missing on a potential sale. With a single dashboard to manage all customer communications, you’ll be able to measure data with the right metrics, showing you valuable insights that are useful in decision making.


Digital customer communication management system

In an era of digital transformations, you need to engage your target audience where they are – online. More and more people are now using digital channels to interact, purchase, book reservations, etc. This is why it’s important for all organizations to reach out to their target audience using their preferred channel. This is where Metrosion comes in. We can customize a digital system that will simplify marketing and communications online. It will generate messages and documents using customized templates and composition rules. It will then manage and distribute the documents and messages through push channels, such as text messaging and email. All data will be stored through smart compression technology and can be retrieved through your existing customer portals. We will then assist you in analyzing activity in this platform and measure it against your goals. Insights will also be used to plan future improvements in your organization.


Social media archiving software for the government and public sector

Social media archiving is important for the government and public sector to ensure that all information you and receive from citizens are protected. Without it, public records are at risk. This application is used to capture and preserve social media content, including deleted, edited, and hidden posts and comments. This software is designed to comply with laws and regulatory guidelines. It will also make responding to requests for records easier, as well as protect agencies and improve social media oversight. All of these can make using social media safe and secured for all government and public organizations.


Improving the Communication and Media Industry


In this era of digital transformation, smaller businesses have a leg up on the competition, especially their bigger rivals when it comes to paperwork and workflows. After all, it’s easier to digitize and archive all documents for smaller organizations. But this doesn’t mean that it would be impossible for larger companies to do so. By seeking help from the expert, like Metrosion, you can be sure to keep up with the changing and challenging time.

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