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The digital age is upon us. It’s everywhere you go. It’s in everything you do. 


In a gist, digital transformation is using new technologies to create life-altering innovations that either disrupt industries or create new ones. It can make a service or product irrelevant and at the same time, pave the way for better products and services. 


While some industries continue to thrive in the midst of all these digital changes, other sectors are experiencing the complete opposite, causing many job losses and even bankruptcy.


New technologies are causing drastic changes in consumer behavior. Hence, ‘business as usual’ isn’t always true in the retail industry. The growing trend of e-commerce or online shopping has shifted consumers away from in-store shopping. Although it doesn’t necessarily follow that the high street is falling into the dark abyss of extinction, retail companies that aren’t able to quickly adapt to the changing times will definitely face decline. 


The digital age can’t digitize (yet) the transfer of physical goods to a customer. This can also be one of the facts that can lead many consumer and retail companies into thinking that digital changes aren’t going to impact them like other sectors. 


Unfortunately, advancements in technology are already impacting the retail sector. With mobile devices being so accessible nowadays, being able to buy anything you can think of online has become the preferred way of shopping for many consumers. You can quickly search for a product you want to buy, compare prices, read reviews, order and pay for it online, and have it delivered to your doorstep the following day. 


People love the idea of being able to do things automatically. With online shopping, they don’t have to drive to get to a store and buy whatever they want. All they need is a mobile phone or laptop to be able to shop. This is the very reason that brick-and-mortar stores need to update their business models for the digital age. 


Even if physical stores can offer the ‘touch and feel’ shopping experience, today’s consumers no longer need it. As long as they get the right specifications or measurements, they will pick online shopping over in-store shopping anytime. This can cause store traffic and eventually, sales to go down fast. 


Some of the many challenges that retailers face are buying at the lowest price and selling products as high as permissible. But buying low is quite difficult, especially if you’re not as big as Walmart, which buys massive volumes of products to sell. While you can design your own merchandise and sell them at a higher price, cheaper imitations can easily catch up and bring down your sales faster than you can display your products on the shelves. 


This is where adapting to digital transformation comes in. 


Consumer and retail companies need to focus on the digital value chain. They need to invest time and money in collecting data about customers, products, and locations and then, turning it into insights and into actions. 


This is where we at Metrosion can help you. 


Consumer and Retail Industry Solutions


At Metrosion, we make sure that we put every client’s best interest in heart and mind all the time. Our number one goal here is to ensure that we are able to develop the best software solutions that will make the lives of our clients easier. 


Our team of professionals spent years of research and experience in the software development field. This allows us to help clients reach their full potential. 


And as the needs and expectations of each consumer evolve, industry players must make sure that they are agile, flexible, and most of all, adaptive. Among the top challenges that retailers all over the world will face will be privacy, personalization, and pervasiveness. 


When it comes to privacy, it’s beyond data security. It’s ensuring there’s a balance in the interaction between customers and retailers to bring about not only engagement and desire but also trust, delight, and affinity. Retailers will need a software application that will let them adapt their approach to secure every customer’s privacy. 


In a world where almost everything is digitized, every customer will have their own unique needs and expectations based on a lot of factors, including location, job, etc. This means that consumers want retailers to connect with them in a manner that is tailored to those factors. Through our personalized software application, Artificial Intelligence (AI), data engineering, Internet of Things (IoT), and virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR), clients from the consumer and retail sector will be able to provide bespoke services to ensure that they meet and even exceed their customers’ expectations. 


We are earnest in ensuring that we address our clients’ issues in a manner that will help them keep with the changing times. Metrosion employs proven techniques and methodologies to help retailers be more flexible, be able to deliver at speed and scale, anticipate and meet changing customer demands, and build lasting relationships with their customers. 




Metrosion’s mission is to help clients from all sectors operate seamlessly even in this digital era. 


Meet customer needs


Retailers should be flexible enough to address specific needs and expectations. They should also be able to establish a pliable infrastructure that will allow them to capitalize on disruptive technologies. More than that, retail companies need to ensure that brick-and-mortar stores offer the kind of shopping experience that online shopping or e-commerce can’t. We can design a digital product that will help consumers find what they are looking for in a store in an instant and get notifications for discounts or sales via SMS or instant messaging. This can help retailers understand their market better. 


Personalized services


As the demand for more personalized services increases, so does the need for new technologies, such as mobile apps, new POS systems, IoT, and beacons. This will allow retail shops to find out more about their customers, allowing them to provide personalized customer experiences. 


Careful assessment


To be able for Metrosion to provide the best software solutions to our clients, it’s imperative that we conduct a thorough assessment. This will help clients grow and provide excellent products and services.


Operations transformation process


This can be the changes into the mental state of the customers, accommodation of information, customers, physical characteristics of people or materials, purpose of information, and ownership of information or materials. Operations transformation process is an activity or group of activities that can affect the value of an input, such as labor, equipment, capital, buildings, or materials into output.


Case Studies


It is through software solutions that many different sectors will be able to keep up with the challenging times. 


Product information management system

With competition getting tougher and tougher by the minute, it’s important for retail companies to streamline as much of their processes as possible. This is why it will help them manage their businesses easier with a centralized system that will allow them to gather all product information, files, images, and the like in one place. This helps them optimize every information they provide for each of their products. 


Cloud-based software for managing data feeds

This tool will help brick-and-mortar retailers to manage massive amounts of data feeds as quickly and as easily as possible. It helps create well-structured product feeds and disseminate custom feeds to as many channels worldwide. This can also increase the brand’s visibility and boost online performance through an intuitive and intelligent interface with impressive speed.


Pricing automation and retail management system 

This system can save retail stores a lot of time and energy when it comes to pricing. Retail businesses can determine the best prices possible based on internal data, product price elasticity, and strategy. This tool can also automatically adjust the prices across all channels. 


Cloud-based retail software

This is an excellent product for businesses with at least five (5) physical stores. This tool will integrate omnichannel, inventory, replenishment, promotions, e-commerce, loyalty and gift card, clienteling and CRM, mobile POS, payment integration, staff, analytics, and international capabilities. In other words, this unified commerce system can deliver an omnichannel experience to increase sales. 


Integrated omnichannel retail management solution

Retail companies with physical stores will need a complete solution that will address all retail operations,  including pricing and promotion management, inventory and fulfillment, in-store terminal and mobile POS transactions, analytics, and loyalty programs. This software application will also help companies to compete in any sales channel and provide consistent and personalized customer experience, which is one of the most effective ways to win in this digital era. 


Planogram generation system

This is a cloud-based management system for retail spaces, shelf labels, product categories, and sales-optimized planograms even in large sales networks. It allows retail businesses to publish and control planograms and implementation process through web login. It also offers intelligent reports so clients can determine the impact each planogram has on their business. This makes detection and visualization of differences between old and new planograms easier and faster, speeding up implementation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Specialty retail management software

This will help you run your business, sell anywhere, and connect with customers easily with integrated front and back-office operations. As a result, you’ll be able to grow your business by focusing on your customers’ needs and expectations. This retail management suite is also feature-rich and customizable. It helps in pricing, promotions, store operations, performance and KPI reporting, inventory and replenishment management, and customer and employee management. All of these can ensure that you’ll be able to deliver your brand promise to your customers. 


Business accounting software

In every business, accounting is a crucial part of operations. With a robust and professional-level business accounting software, you’ll be able to manage back-end accounting for various applications. Unlike entry-level solutions, an advanced accounting suite specifically designed for retailers will meet every client’s unique needs. It can also optimize bookkeeping tasks, including handling customers and managing deposits. This system can also provide accurate and immediate financial reporting, which is crucial for businesses to be able to make sound decisions. 

Meeting Your Customers’ Ever-Changing Needs

Metrosion offers complete retail management suites for all retailers, such as department stores, supermarkets, malls, warehouse retailers, and the like. Our number one objective is to make sure our clients are able to meet their most demanding customers’ needs and expectations. 

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