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Private Equity

Did you know that the last five years have been all about success in the private equity industry? The growth curve is on an inclined scale. Higher funds are raised, enormous investments are made, and distribution has seen a massive hike too. In a nutshell, it is all golden for the private equity industry.


Before explaining the scope of this booming industry, let us clear the air about the role of the private equity industry in business. Private equity can be defined as an alternative instrument of investment. The investment capital involved is not listed on a public exchange. Instead, the capital is derived from individuals and firms engaged in acquiring control and buying shares of private and public companies.


The buyout market is not ignorant about the importance of software solutions. All PE firms are on a hunt for top-notch software assistance. Thinking why? Because a promising growth and multiplied valuation are guaranteed. This is where Metrosion steps in. The company is determined to bring the latest software developments on board, thereby boosting businesses of all sizes.

Private Equity Industry Solutions


If you’ve been looking for a best-suited platform for professional investors, look no further. Metrosion is at your beck and call. Our ace team of professionals is always on a mission to think, create an idea, and finally, revamp it into a cutting-edge software solution. The perks? Of course, business sees a promising growth, and services extended to customers are unparallel.


At Metrosion, we strive to simplify works by using the best of technology and innovations. We are apt for companies looking to forge ahead without bumping into an unexpected halt. Our products are exclusively designed and revamped according to the newest innovations to help businesses climb the ladder to the top.


Many reckon that software solutions are effective but end burning a hole in the wallet. That’s completely untrue, particularly with Metrosion at service. We aim at assisting customers with professional software solutions that can not just work wonders but are pocket-friendly as well. In short, software solutions and products used by Metrosion are cutting-edge, functional, affordable, and extremely user-friendly.

Our Values


Metrosion is nothing like a name ringing in the business circles. Our ability to design best-in-class custom software and implement products to reap maximum benefits wins our clients a competitive edge in the race. Being amongst the top few is not our motto. With our prestigious clients as partners, we strive to lead the race.


Our Objective


The company is home to a skilled team of professionals, pricking their brains and working day-in-day-out to run a wholesome and fully integrated software solution in the private equity industry.


Professionalism defines us


Thriving in a racket like that of today is not easy. Call us a bunch of white collars or simply skilled people on the job. With a comprehensive knowledge of our business and our clients, we rack our brains to figure out solutions guaranteeing nothing short of best for our clients.


Customers matter the most


Business at Metrosion flourishes when a client is happy. Therefore, our efforts are directed to deliver what our clients expect of us. We set goals, communicate with our customers, do a thorough brainstorming with clients, and work on every little nitty-gritty to deliver solutions that work wonders for our big guns in the PE industry.


Profit rolls in as a part and parcel


Yes, we are in business to roll in profits along-with eminence for the services we provide. Regardless of how promising a procedure might sound, performance is what matters. After all, the proof is in the pudding, and final performance reveals it all. We have clear goal and work in collaboration with our customers and their objectives.


We stick to the trend and embrace innovation


‘CHANGE’ is the only constant in any line of business. Private Equity is no different. To keep up with the newest software solution and the changing needs of our clients, we create an even advanced solution for better business. Every decision that is executed and every risk that’s taken is well chalked out and calculated.




Metrosion rewards its customers with a professional team of business experts and technology gurus, committed to delivering the best-in-standard platform and a fully integrated software suite in the field of private equity. Software solutions fabricated by our experts are aimed at working wonders for your business. The requirements are well thought, and strategies are planned, guaranteeing a boon in business.


Customer Service at your brink and call


Venturing into private equity is not a cakewalk. There are reformations and upgradations involved in every step. Keeping in tune with these changes are of a dire need. Hence, what pops up as a need of the hour is seamless communication. Metrosion ensures a well-integrated optimum communication channel for end-users, promising seamless customer service.


Subject Oriented Consultation


Forging ahead with a random solution in the lines of private equity is not the right approach. A detailed consultation is much needed. This usually involves a one-on-one consultation, making room for our clients to specify what they are looking for. A thorough analysis of the current business situation helps figure out strategies that could work well for the prevailing business and also pave the way for leading-edge future developments.


New-Age Integrated Software Solutions for The Private Equity Industry


One of the best ways to retain customer service is by providing personalized software solutions. It is undeniably in demand. Unlike companies in the business looking to bag in big bucks, Metrosion stands different and matchless. We believe in assessing your business requirements first. Technologically upgraded and in vogue solutions are then customized, assuring a personalized solution that is very much business-specific and profit bearing.


Case Studies


Surviving in the private equity ecosystem is not as easy as it sounds. However, our professional assistance marks high grades for your business. We develop a completely integrated custom solution that is flexible, super effective, and economical. Only the best breed of technology in coordination with advice from the industry experts are put to practice.


Upgraded Consolidation System

Consolidating zillions of data into a central system appears to ease your tasks, right? Well, bringing to you a private equity platform that makes stacking up data in the central system a piece of pie. This indeed doubles operational efficiency and maximize workflow for increased business. Using the interface is easier done than thought. This leading-edge platform guarantees you access to real-time data, therefore winning you an edge in the competition.


Smart Equity Software Suite

Distributing company ownership among company professionals is easy, but keeping track of it is a hard nut to crack. Regardless of how many shareholders you are dealing with, this software solution makes distribution and tracking of equity records easy. The platform is integrated with smart investor relation tools, making equity administration simple with umpteen shareholders in the count.


Powered Web Solution For Stocks and Equities

Now track stock options and other measures of equity without any hassle. Metrosion rewards you with a top-notch web-based solution that keeps a check on all accounting tasks, including warrants, employee stock options, and others in real-time to be viewed by private companies and public trading companies using the solution.


Contemporary Check Book Application

Take the reigns of the your company and its equity without a hassle. Bringing you a combination of finest in class technology wrapped in a software, promising to work wonders for your business. From company shares to cap tables and valuations, keep a check on all your equities in a single platform.


High Powered Equity Solution

Staying firm on the ground in an investment line of biz is quite a big ask. We provide you an ultimate professional solution to help you hit your entrepreneurial high roads without any roadblocks. Important tools appropriate for business, optimum guest support, fund-raising recommendations that are 100% trustworthy, and other amenities to help you set a hard-to-beat benchmark - this solution has your back regardless of your needs. Winning success on the path of fund-raising is a cakewalk.


Innovated Tool For Optimized Business Valuation

Who are you? An investor, a founder, or an enabler? Here comes a platform that does business valuation and discovering deals a picnic for all and sundry. Whether you are eager to engage individually or collaborate in a group, working efficiently around the subject of valuation is right at your fingertips with this platform in use.


Advanced Number Stocking Platform

Managing the A to Z of private company equity accurately is easier than you think with this amazingly integrated software solution. From basics like stock and options to inception and exit, keep tabs on everything, and manage all without any hassle.


An All-Inclusive Portfolio Management Product

Introducing a product that integrates a super-efficient cloud-based portfolio management system and a functionally outsourced middle office service. Our expert team of professionals has crafted this product specifically for portfolio managers who understand the struggle of keeping up with the challenges of a competitive field, like that of a private equity industry.


Newfangled Record Book

Were you looking for a record book or a partner you could rely on? Ditch your worries and let our advanced software product take care of your needs. We bring to you the best-in-class auditable book of record that can be accessed by users without any glitch. Wondering how does it work? Well, it is undoubtedly your best aid for investment management functions. Whether it is trading, fiduciary oversight, or compliance you are dealing with, this record book delivers accurate and on-time information, also visual for your best help. This software fix deserves an award. However, here’s something that is even more impressive. The multi-currency and global asset class, both are implemented in a real-time platform that works in coordination with the accounting system for a detailed investment book of record.


Master the private equity ecosystem with the best of technology and flexible software solution

Success in a crowded racket of private equity does not come easy. However, partnering up with Metrosion will always delight you with unexpected results. From harnessing and translating data to keeping records and maximizing the accounting system, we offer custom-made, fully equipped future-focused product suite that is guaranteed to give you an edge over others in the business.