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Metal & Mining

Image by Shane McLendon

Metal and mining industries play a crucial role in conserving the planet by offering its inhabitants with secure and safe access to its natural resources. However, metal and mining industries across the world face many challenges regarding environmental reputation, managing permits, ensuring safety at workplace and safety maintenance. Also, this is not a denial fact that in the 21st century, many such industries are becoming technology-driven. In an era of the digital revolution, these industries rely on cutting-edge solutions and modern practices, resulting in descended environmental impacts and improved safety. However, still, some industries with traditional approach experience poor environmental safety. This, in turn, imparts the negative public impression and lowers their brand reputation. In this competitive market, you need to make sure your metal and mining business is running efficiently.


In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to leverage digital technology to unite, analyze and handle your mining data and processes in an efficient and smart way. You also need to strategize your asset lifecycle that will result in maximum production and increased profitability. To be successful, metal and mining industries should automate their tasks to increase productivity; operate their businesses in an agile, sustainable and predictable way; and connect deeply with suppliers, customers, and communities.  


Why Metrosion for building custom software for your metal & mining industry?

At Metrosion, we follow the client-first approach. Our experienced and dedicated developers use modern technologies including automation, knowledge-based tools, predictive planning that will help you to discover new opportunities for your business. Just for you, we can customize the existing software solution or build the customized software from scratch that spans your entire business and operational lifecycle. Our robust software solution for your metal and mining industry will help to integrate and process your data, remove silos, boost collaboration with your customers, enhance your business efficiency and maximize returns on capital. 


We, at Metrosion, understand both business and technology very well. We can transform your metal & mining industry by following these major trends: 


  1. Building a customer-centric software solution: In order to increase revenue streams and abscond price fluctuations of commodities, metal & mining industries should follow the customer-centric approach and improve their customer services. At metrosion, we can build a solid software solution that can improve your customer service. Our engineers can develop amazing e-commerce websites for your metal & mining industry that can engage your customers more closely, bringing value to your business. As per your unique business requirement, we can also integrate the customized software solution with many other tools such as ERP, CRM, business intelligence (BI). It will help you to operate your business more effectively. 

  2. Implementing the agile plan: Instead of volume-based production, metal & mining industries should focus on profit-margin-based production. This is a little challenging to execute. However, with Metrosion, you no longer need to worry. We can address this problem by using:

    • Modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, data science, digital twin and robotic process automation and more. 

    • An agile methodology that focuses on the continuous iteration of testing and development throughout the lifecycle of software development, speeding up time-to-market and decreasing costs and risks. 

  3. Consistent collaboration throughout the software development lifecycle


At Metrosion, our primary aim is to satisfy our client’s business needs by delivering amazing, high-quality and bug-free software solutions. Apart from following the above two trends, we also believe that collaboration plays a vital role in the digital transformation of metal & mining business. We consistently collaborate with vendors, stakeholders, clients, workforce, and competitors throughout the project so that we can understand your requirements better and provide the software that you will love. 


We help your metal & mining businesses to eradicate the obstacles that are coming your way to success, such as using legacy systems and traditional approaches for your business operations.  Our software solutions can improve your external and internal processes, driving more gains and productivity.  




Manage your enterprise world with intelligent metal and mining solutions from Metrosion. We help the metal and mining industries in taking the lead in shaping and inspiring this technological landscape that reinvents productivity and safety. 


Focus on client needs


We are dedicated to building the solutions that our client wants. We successfully implement and deploy new technologies (including artificial intelligence, digital twin, advanced analytics, augmented and virtual reality, robotic process automation and more) to transform the external and internal business processes. With our software solution, your business will become manageable and fun.  We will help you to maintain cut-throat competition in this digital era while lowering costs and accelerate your business performance


Increase productivity


Our software solution help to eradicate the non-value added manual tasks and automate the business processes, reducing the need for the workforce. We will assist you in making your business operations faster and safer. 


Deliver breakthrough business value 


To deliver a breakthrough experience to our client, we follow this approach:

  1. Plan well to meet our client’s expectations.

  2. Build the product using the best industry practices.

  3. Launch and run the product on all deployment models to deliver error-free and world-class solutions.

  4. Thrive for continuous innovation with the focus on intelligent outcomes.


Case studies


Maximize your Operational Continuity and Manage Operational Risk from Metrosion customized software solution.


Following are the case studies that will help you to visualize how Metrosion can help you to bring digital transformation in your business:


Centralize real-time data with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)


Our customized application can integrate with SCADA that will help you to analyze and gather real-time data. With the software, you can easily control or monitor equipment or plant in industries such as waste and water control, energy, transportation, metal and mining refining, etc. In addition to this, you can also report on, share and fix issues in the field via mobile app.

Optimize the business operation and enhance production rate with advanced mining software

We can build technically advanced metal processing and mining software integrated with the latest technologies, including:


  •  Blockchain: It will help you to track metals within your supply chain to make sure that suppliers and customers are aware of their origin.

  • Cloud: It will provide access to real-time applications and data for insights that help cut down costs and save time.  

  • Internet-of-Things: It will let you analyze and monitor mining and metal operation data. 


Discover new business opportunities with data modeling, mapping and analysis features


We can build a featured pack software embedded with data modeling, mapping, and analysis functionalities. Incorporating the interpolation engine in the software enables you to generate publication-quality maps from 3D and 2D data. To make visually appealing and easy-to-understand maps, we can also add certain parameters (legends, profiles, labels, titles, breaklines, faults) from any web mapping service. Also, the customized 3D mining modeling system can offer the operation plans construction through scheduling, mine planning, and geology. 


Handles all the inefficiencies of mining operations


In metal and mining industries, using manual processes and legacy systems in mining operations may result in failure. This, in turn, leads to inefficiency in your business operations. Our developers can create a software solution and integrate with cutting-edge technologies including powerful analytics, mine specific BI tools, the 3D dashboard that projects real-time data. In this way, you can seamlessly handle mission-critical tasks of mining operations and address all the inefficiencies in your business operations. With our customized solution, you can also easily manage, store, retrieve and analyze blast and drill related information.


Get actionable insights and boost productivity


We can digitize your metal and mining operation by building software the provide you with actionable insights into your business, delivering the solutions to your biggest business challenges. Our advanced technology-driven software lets you predict asset failure, enhance exploration, and increase productivity.   


Speed-up the calculation and drawing for the metal industry


We can provide sheet metal add-on for GStarCAD and AutoCAD that will be ideal for your metal-processing business. With our customized software, you can easily draw and calculate the sheet development of rectangle to round transitions, cones, cylinders. Connections, pipes, intersection, elbows, bifurcations, connections and more. It enables you to speed up your tasks and deliver value to your business. 


Streamline your metal and mining business with ERP solution


We are known to provide business-focused and high-quality ERP solutions that can optimize your manufacturing and sales process for your metal & mining industry. We customize every software solution keeping our client’s business requirement in mind. Unlike the traditional generic ERP software, our customized ERP software uses modern technology that helps you to automate and manage your business effectively. 



Metrosion is committed to innovation


We use proven methodologies that drive innovation, from enhancing business operations to reimagining customer experiences. With the use of intelligent technologies and integrated business applications, we support the metal and mining industries of all sizes (small, medium, big) in transforming to intelligent enterprises. 

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