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Industrial & Manufacturing

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The future of the industrial and manufacturing industry in the United States and other parts of the globe continue to hold strong. The outlook for 2020 and the coming years is positive, indicating that this sector is embracing change in many different levels. 


In order for this industry to remain competitive – to be able to cope up with the ever-increasing consumer demand – companies must adapt to various advancements in technology. By doing so, they can assure the consumers that they will be able to produce top quality products and to be able to deliver them on time. This is why innovations continue to reshape the industrial and manufacturing industry. 


More than that, automated technology allows the industry to transform and improve its production line to ensure efficiency and most of all, safety. This is why businesses are shifting towards software solutions to help streamline various areas of the production cycle, from time tracking to overall resource planning (ERP). 

Industrial and Manufacturing Solutions


We, at Metrosion, have a mission to turn ideas into powerful software solutions that will redefine your ability to provide superior quality services to consumers. In other words, we are on a mission to create incredible solutions to help your business provide better services to your customers. 


Metrosion’s number one priority is to make sure that clients are completely satisfied with the software solutions we offer them. We always make sure that the businesses who trust our capacities and capabilities will get everything they are paying us for by being able to provide top-notch services to their customers. 


Our solutions will also help industry players address the most common challenges they will likely face at some point. These include adaptation to new technologies, cybersecurity, global competition, lead conversion, and labor shortage. 


It is also our mission to commit all our resources into ensuring that the entire industrial and manufacturing industry will be able to carry out top-of-the-line methodologies that will reshape the future of this sector. Through our architecture-driven approach, we guarantee that your company will be a name to be reckoned with when it comes to industrial and manufacturing solutions that set the bar of the competition to new heights. Our team of industry-focused professionals is able to use their technical experience and knowledge to their full advantage to be able to produce tailor-made solutions that will not only make many different processes faster and easier but will also ensure safety and security for everyone.


Nowadays, industrial businesses are constantly evaluated for the level of innovation they have adapted. At Metrosion, we understand that today’s manufacturing companies need a high-level of collaboration between different departments for a streamlined exchange of information and ideas and for an automated process, saving everyone a lot of time and resources in the long run. For this reason, we are offering state-of-the-art software development services to the industrial and manufacturing sector to help them meet and even exceed customer expectations. 


Part of our effort to ensure we are able to provide the best possible solutions to all our clients, we will actively work with you to address issues in the industrial and manufacturing industry, including keeping up with new technologies. With automation, robotics, cloud computing, and the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) changing at lightning speed, it is often impossible for manufacturing companies to keep up. This is where companies, like Metrosion, come in. 


We will help you incorporate useful technologies to help your organization grow through advanced software solutions. We develop these technologies with your company in mind because we know that every client has different requirements. Through the digital enterprise development strategy, we are able to develop, we can bring qualitative improvements to the industry’s most pressing challenges. Our robust software solutions will bring positive results, including better product quality, shorter downtime, better worker performance, improved processes, and higher business continuity. 


Metrosion’s bespoke solutions will go through the different processes: consultation, design, prototyping, quality assurance, security audit, and DevOps, to make sure that the software applications we create for your business will work flawlessly with the rest of your system.



Our company is made up of a team of professionals who have had many years of experience in their respective fields. This helps us ensure that we are able to offer each of our clients an unparalleled quality of software solutions and services.


Comprehensive consultation


The first step we take in developing personalizing software solutions for the industrial and manufacturing industry is consultation. This is the part where we assess your specific requirements for us to fully understand what it is that your business needs to grow profitably.

Life-changing industrial and manufacturing industry solutions


The solutions we offer to the industrial and manufacturing industry will revolutionize their processes to ensure that they are able to provide improved products and services to their customers. Our customized solutions include cloud computing, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), software applications, machine learning, data engineering, virtual/augmented reality, and Artificial Intelligence.


First-class customer experience

Our clients are our lifeblood. This is why we always want to make sure that we provide all of you first-class experience, from conceptualization to implementation. At Metrosion, we dedicate ourselves to offering only superior quality customer service and to keep your best interest in mind. 

Operations transformation process


The Operations Transformation (OT) process is a single or a group of activities that adds and transforms value to an input, such as information and materials through changing the location of information, physical characteristics, or storage of information or materials. 

Case Studies


The trends and challenges in the industrial and manufacturing sector will carry over to the following years. By ensuring that your business keeps up with the latest technologies, you will be able to weather the ever-changing times and reduce time and money at the same time. 


Cloud-based MRP software


Small manufacturers with less than 200 employees will surely benefit from this software application. A cloud-based MRP (materials requirement planning)/ERP (enterprise resource planning) software application will ensure seamless management of production, customers, purchases, inventories, finances, and employees. It can guarantee accurate lead times, automated inventory transactions, efficiency in the adoption of real-time reporting, improved equipment utilization, on-time deliveries, and seamless communication within the company. 

Customer relationship management and accounting application


Aside from automating inventory management, small to mid-size manufacturers can also use a software application that will help them streamline customer management and accounting. This system will help automate purchasing, scheduling, shipping, and enterprise resource planning (ERP). It can also allow users to easily create complex quotations on labor, materials, overhead, etc., which can be faxed or attached to emails. It can also automatically create orders without the need to make double entries. More importantly, this customer management module will help ensure that everyone in the company will be on the same page, from shop workers to end clients. 

For the accounting aspect, this system will help shops pull in business financials to easily manage accounts, general ledger, and payroll through built-in reports that can help make creating comprehensive analysis fast and efficient. 

Cloud-based enterprise business management suite


To save time and effort, industrial and manufacturing companies need a software suite that will make billing, fulfillment, sales, distribution, packing, shipping, payment purchasing, and sales commission computations more manageable by simply automating these processes. This can be developed on-premise or via cloud computing. The best thing about this software is that it can be personalized for each user with personal preferences, alerts, and workflows with its built-in dashboard builder and custom report builder. 

Mobile-ready supply chain management solution


We offer tailor-fitted solutions that will help small to mid-size enterprises manage their supply chains, financials, analysis reporting, and collaborations whether through cloud-computing, on-premise, or mobile. This will save key industry players of small to large-scale manufacturers and distributors in the medical device, consumer products, automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, packaging, and plastics a lot of time in running their businesses. 

Quality management system 


An integrated quality management system may be accessed through the web or installed in your computer network. This system is designed to ensure there adherence to FDA and ISO quality standards for all output. Then, it will get your products to the market at a reduced cost because you are able to forego the need for paper-based quality control processes. 

Aside from that, this quality management system will automate scheduling, escalation, tracking, task assignment, follow-up, and document approval. This means that this software solution will integrate all processes, including corrective action, audits, change control, and customer complaints. This is suitable for any size of industries, such as lumber, agriculture, and manufacturing. 

On-premise shop management system 


Small to medium-size manufacturing companies and job shops will benefit from a system that offers complete materials requirement planning (MRP), supply chain management, product lifecycle management, manufacturing execution management, customer relationship management, business intelligence reporting, human resource planning, and analytics. It will have intuitive functionalities to help smaller shop managers easily manage materials, schedule, produce quotes, and track orders. As a result, your company will be able to guarantee on-time deliveries all the time. 

Manufacturing operations software


This application is specifically designed for make-to-order, make-to-stock, engineer-to-order, and other manufacturers. It will enable users to conveniently track operations from start to finish, including order entry, financials, analytics, and after-market service, which can be installed on-premise or accessed online. It will also support customer relationship management, inventory management, product configuration, and scheduling. 

Employee scheduling application 


Scheduling industrial workers manually can actually be a waste of precious time and effort. Not to mention that it leaves a lot of room for costly errors. This is especially true if you have hundreds of employees that work on shifting schedules. 

We can create a software solution that helps manufacturers automate the way they schedule their employees’ schedule. Aside from that, it can also provide notification for schedule changes, attendance records, union laws, and more. On the other hand, workers are also able to request shift changes, review time cards, and access their schedules via email or text message. This gives manufacturing leaders more time to focus on other important tasks. 

Safety management application


This is especially useful in companies that manufacture hazardous chemicals and process food products. Through an app, users will be able to manage stored chemical containers, increase safety information access, and distribute safety data sheets. 

For food processing companies, we can design a software solution that allows for paperless safety forms and processes reports, such as cleaning and maintenance schedules, temperature monitoring, production and wastage monitoring, and quality and safety assessment. This will come with various forms of validation and notification to ensure instant reports. 

Solutions that Bridge the Gap in the Industry 


You can trust Metrosion to offer you nothing but the best software solutions that keep your manufacturing operations at its peak. What’s more, you can be sure to have competitive advantages through the programs we will design for your business’ needs. 

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