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Wherever you are in the world, all levels of government and public sector organizations are facing various challenges brought about by the changing times. These include budget reduction, globalization, and the ever-increasing expectations of the people.


In these modern times, people are not only demanding change but also communicating and organizing activities that will bring about the improvements that they want at a much faster pace. This is why all government and public sector organizations are facing new challenges and demands on a daily basis. The only way to address all these issues is through advancements in digital technologies.


By adopting digital technology, all levels of government and public sector will be able to develop innovative ways of thinking to achieve better outcomes for all. With low public funds and low economic growth can hamper the change that is needed. This means that governments should do more with less – they must make do with whatever have and be as effective and as efficient as can be.


Government and Public Sector Solutions


Digital transformation has become crucial for the government and public sector to be able to create better products and services for the people. At Metrosion, we dedicate ourselves to digital transformation to ensure that all industries and sectors will be able to improve the lives of all the citizens around the world.


Metrosion spends countless hours to help the government and public sector find new solutions to various challenges, provide more efficient and more effective services, develop new delivery models, and find fresh sources of income to be able to afford future digital transformations.


We understand that most governments are struggling to harness the power of digital technologies, which is why we are committed to helping this sector reinvent itself – overhaul its organizational structures, culture, governance, and work process – to capture the full benefits of such innovations.

The Metrosion team applies software solutions to help all levels of public and government sector improve how they budget public funds to ensure more value on the taxpayers’ money. We can also assist in developing asset management systems for the improvement of the economy and of people’s lives.


We offer data analytics to assist the public sector, especially schools and other institutions improve learning outcomes. We can also offer defense forces to improve their workforce, cut costs, and streamline operations to create a safer place to live in for everyone.


Metrosion’s software solutions are driven by innovation and practicality to help various sectors, including the government and public sector, solve problems in a manner that reflects our profound understanding of the challenges and operating environments to ensure sustainable results. We can develop applications that will help industry leaders engage with society through revolutionary solutions that impact how public services are delivered to citizens, especially in this rapid pace of technological changes.




Metrosion is committed to helping the government and public sector become digitally equipped to address the following critical areas.


Enhanced citizen experience


Because of the many technological advancements we are enjoying nowadays, government and public services are expected to not only be fast but also personalized. In other words, leaders should aim to enhance people’s end-to-end experience of all public services through digital solutions, including software applications, Artificial Intelligence (AI), data engineering, virtual/augmented reality, and Internet of Things (IoT).


To be able to maximize the benefits of these innovations, the public sector must use a ‘citizen-first’ approach and mindset to be able to strategize policies and deliver services that enhance citizen experience. Moreover, public services should promote transparency and efficiency, bring about better outcomes, enhance the public’s trust in the government, and improve collaborations with citizens.


Security for all


The government and public sector face uncertain times. Threats, like terrorism, are ever-increasing and have been made more complex with the advancements in technology. Nowadays, conflicts are waged not only on battlefields but also on social media and even public places. It is the responsibility of all levels of government to protect citizens from these threats, ensuring that they will be able to live and work without any fear.


One-on-one consultation


This is a crucial aspect of the development of personalized and customized software solutions for various industries. Metrosion is going to assess your needs and circumstances to better understand how we can help you grow and provide better public services to citizens.


Intense government and public sector solutions


It is one of Metrosio’s promises to provide first-class solutions that will bring about innovative services that benefit the public. We offer custom-built software applications, cloud computing, AI, IoT, robotics, data engineering, machine learning, and virtual/augmented reality.


Operations transformation process


A single or a group of activities that changes the value of an input, like capital, equipment, labor, materials, buildings, information) into output, like products and services. Operations transformation processes include changes in the psychological state of customers, physical characteristics of people or materials, the purpose of information, location of information, customers, or materials, accommodation of information , materials, or customers, and ownership of information or materials.

Case Studies


It’s imperative that the government and public sector be vigilant in pursuing the best possible solutions that ensure unparalleled public services that cope up with the challenging times.


Better, faster government transactions with data analytics

Using advanced analytics will help governments leverage data gathered by citizens to improve and personalize public services. Meanwhile, AI can assist governments in making various offices accessible to citizens. For example, people can interact with chatbots on government websites, shortening the amount of time citizens make transactions online.


Data gathering is crucial in urban planning. For one, it can provide the necessary data to optimize routes for various modes of transportation, reduce commute time, provide support, and more.


Data gathering to reduce security threats

Through data gathering and AI, governments are able to connect with other organizations to combat various threats. Defense departments are shelling out millions of dollars on robotics, AI, machine learning, and other digital tools to be more effective in this aspect. Similarly, police officers will be able to shorten response time through mobile technologies, while data analytics will improve threat analysis planning.


Cloud computing can also help this sector increase its computing capacities, provide safe platforms for payment transactions, and support secure biometric identification systems.  


ERP solution for government contractors

We can design an intelligent software application that will make the lives of government contractors easier. This system will have the necessary features, including project management, labor, reporting, compliance, and accounting to help governments improve profitability and efficiency through better budget management and project insight to accelerate future plans and bring about astounding results. Moreover, you’ll have more visibility into all the aspects of the business through ad hoc queries and dashboards that are fully interactive and that allows users to access reports through mobile.


Cloud-based municipal management program

Metrosion will create a highly personalized software solution that will allow governments to easily change, modify, and update it as easily as possible. This is to ensure that new users with new skill levels and requirements will be able to use it. Aside from that, it will be customizable for each town or department with hundreds of apps that will be the basis for customization of such software. This will be the perfect solution for each municipality because it can be personalized to perform the necessary tasks and forego those that are not needed to ensure optimized performance.


Digital case management system

Our combined years of experience in software development allows us to develop our own Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) application that allows user across government and public organizations work together to ensure the best possible end result despite organizational boundaries. This will ensure all the requirements of online applications, like appointment booking, data collection, application processing, workflow, online form presentation, and case and process management, are carried out as seamlessly and as cost-efficiently as possible.


Electronic forms software

Filling out forms will be easier with electronic forms software. We are able to design a software solution that allows users to scan a document and convert it to Word or PDF, customize your own forms, or use form templates for purchase orders, invoices, reports, work orders, quotations, and proposals, to name a few. This will be extremely useful for all offices across the government and public sector.


Asset management application

This software solution will help governments and public sectors track assets by classification and department. Users will also be able to update information to the general ledger. This will also allow users to customize the software according to the organization’s needs. Clients will be capable of creating and maintaining accurate accounting values associated with different assets. They will also be able to organize and classify assets, as well as allocate them to different departments. What’s more, it will allow custom reporting, tracking history and management, and updating for work-in-progress assets.


Official records system

This tool promises top-notch efficiency with built-in revenue generation features, configurable workflows, customizable reporting, seamless recording, and hassle-free public searching. It also offers integrated tools for scanning and indexing public records to help digitize an entire county’s history.


Public administration solution

Governments use public resources to satisfy the needs of the citizens. Our public administration system can encourage trust between governments and the people through internet-based strategies that illustrate transparency and accountability. Aside from that, paperwork will become straightforward, facilitating the sharing of information and ideas across agencies and departments to build one massive database for all. Through all that, it all boils down to the quality of the interactions between citizens and those in power.


Municipal ERP software

Because local governments are expected to perform with transparency and higher accuracy, Metrosion aims to create the perfect application. This software will help manage and control various municipal operations. In other words, this will be a back office integrator that allows local government units to function optimally.


Digital Technologies: The Answer to Our Prayer


We have decades of experience in digital solutions for various industries. This allows us not only to have a competitive edge but also to ensure exceptional quality solutions designed to answer to the ever-increasing demand of citizens around the world.

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