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There is no denying the fact that the internet has digitally transformed the communication and computer world like never before. With the increased usage of the internet, the entertainment industry has revolutionized immensely. The advent of technologies has digitized the way the content is created, managed, exported distributed and delivered. Online platforms provide easy access to the rich and personalized content anywhere anytime, transforming the way the content is consumed. 

However, this unprecedented growth of the internet is arising in the following set of challenges for the entertainment industry:

  • Arising need for a robust content distribution channel for digital content in order to maintain security

  • Meeting the ever-increasing customers’ demand and expecting shorter-time to market

  • Need for upgrading the old legacy systems in order to maintain the cutthroat competition with other entertainment industries.


To address these challenges, the entertainment industries should leverage custom software solutions in order to deliver digital content on time across various distribution channels at lesser costs, generate new revenue systems, track customer behavior and streamline their planning process.  


Why Metrosion for building custom software for your entertainment industry?


At Metrosion, we dedicated ourselves to our clients. We are committed to delivering high-quality service at a cost-effective approach. We help our clients achieve success in their businesses. Our highly-expert engineers can build or customize awesome and top-notch software solutions using cutting-edge technologies that will add value to your entertainment industry. Through our dedication and hard work, we ensure on-time and successful delivery of software solutions that will match exactly your business-specific needs, no matter whether you own startup, mid-scale business or large enterprises. We are here to help you to achieve new heights of success in this digital market place. 


With the evolution of technology, consumers are becoming more tech-savvy. They want to have access to the content anywhere anytime. In the continuously changing landscape of customers’ tastes, you need a smart software solution to retain your business in this competitive market place. This, in turn, will make your brand known globally while improving your customers’ experience. 

At Metrosion, we use modern technologies and trends to build intelligent software for you that will drive success. We understand that in the era of data analytics, artificial intelligence, DevOps, machine learning, various web development frameworks, etc., it is essential for the entertainment to have smarter IT and software solutions. Rely on Metrosion, to get the software of your dreams and stay ahead of the market trends. We help entertainment industries deliver great media experience to their users, achieving excellent commercial outcomes.   

Our fundamentals:


Analyze carefully before we act


Our business analysts involve themselves in deep research and analysis to make sure that the future custom solution adds value to your business and simplify your business operations.  


Never compromise with quality


Our motto is to deliver reliable, powerful secure software applications and services on time.


Responsive and quick


We understand your business needs. Our dedicated team will quickly respond to your business requirements and demand (from customization of the software to enhance its functionality to fulfilling every special request).  

Commitment and perseverance 

At Metrosion, we have a team of immensely talented specialists who work consistently to create smart and powerful software solutions that can redefine your business growth. 



We have extensive years of experience in bringing digital transformation to small, medium and large enterprises. 


Have a look at our potentiality:

Mature DevOps and Agile culture

We use industry best practices while developing software products. Our experts build software solutions on a mature DevOps environment using flexible agile methodologies. We are a trusted team of IT professionals, having strong domain knowledge on cloud computing, business intelligence, containerization, continuous delivery, and continuous integration. Altogether enables us to deliver the best results to our clients. 


Effective collaboration and rapid application development

Effective collaboration is essential for the success of software projects. Throughout the entire software development process, we consistently collaborate with product managers and stakeholders in order to get a shared and clear vision of the project constantly, until its development. This, in turn, helps us to achieve the intended results for our clients. Also, effective collaboration results in faster application development, enabling us to deliver the product faster. 


Undemanding support

 We are more than just a custom software development company. We offer continuous support and maintenance service to our clients even after the successful delivery of software. Our client is our priority and we wholeheartedly build long-term relationships with our clients on the basis of excellence and trust.



Case studies


Our area of expertise includes custom software development, quality processes, IT- consulting with a strong focus on delivering excellent software development services: project planning, requirement analysis, specification development, code development, testing, maintenance, and product support. We have built customized software products for numerous entertainment industries that allowed them to leverage cutting-edge technologies for business growth.  


Look at the following case studies that will give the idea that how technologies can bring digital transformation in the entertainment sectors, driving new business opportunities. 


Building a robust and secure digital distribution platform


We can build automated web-based solutions for entertainment industries that can help the filmmaking team to streamline the process of content distribution across various territories and platforms (including Netflix, iTunes, Google Play store and more). With our customized software solution, they can seamlessly manage film titles, services, assets, and orders seamlessly. We can also include various features like multilingual support, automated process management system, complete control of the distribution process, etc.  Using the BizTalk (Business Process Management server by Microsoft), we can integrate and automate the business process. We can build a solution that will use the BizTalk server to fetch financial data provided by several channels like e-mail, FTP, etc. and put those raw and unprocessed data in the database. Using Business intelligence tools, these data can be used to extract meaningful insights into your business.  


Promote media content efficiently and effectively


Promoting the content digitally is a vital key for entertainment industries. However, the promotion needs a secure, flexible and powerful platform in order to reach a wide range of audiences effectively. At Metrosion, we can build a software solution that will enable content owners to update, search and market the media content in a comprehensive manner. In addition to this, the software system also allows you to create Facebook ad campaigns for any TV series or movies on Google Play Store, iTunes, etc. 


Manage your digital signage system centrally


A digital signage system is a form of narrowcasting in which the multimedia (digital) content is presented on a computer connected to the LCD or LED screen, in public places with an idea to reach the mass audience. We at Metrosion can design a powerful web application that enables you to remotely handle a widely distributed network of digital signage systems. With our application, you can schedule the time you want the signage to display the digital media (advertisements or messages) on LED screens in public places. In this way, you will be able to reach the right audience at the right time. This, in turn, will reduce the logistics and printing costs and increase point-of-sale promotions. 



Create a custom design and artistic effects rapidly

We can build an artistic designer application that resembles the standard design tools features including, custom text design, paint tool, upload image, delete and save.  It will also provide virtual art designing features to your customers. With this virtual art designing facility, your customers can design, customize and order art from any e-commerce store. They don’t need to come to your shops to design art.  It offers the platform to the customers to create and order artistic designs as per their wish. 


Manage your entire entertainment business in just one software package


We can provide you an integrated suite of the software product that will enable you to manage your entire entertainment business, including membership & ticketing, point of sale, redemption counter, birthdays reservations, etc. We can also integrate the software with additional hardware and software packages, including QuickBooks, leading cashless systems, customer and ad hoc reporting, advanced analytics and more. We can help you to automate your entertainment business process and increase sales and revenue. 


Metrosion will take your entertainment business to the next level


Trust Metrosion to drive success and generate new business opportunities in this competitive market. We understand the entertainment business inside out and we are centrally focused on delivering high-quality results for clients. We would love to make your business more efficient and effective and fun. At Metrosion, we value our clients and always strive to provide quality work.

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