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Energy & Utilities

Sustainable Energy

Nowadays, every industry across the globe is facing various challenges, pushing them to adapt to digital transformations. Market players need to keep up with the ever-increase demand for technological advancements, including in the energy and utilities industry.


Innovations in the energy and utilities sector have created new business models, pushing the industry to shift its focus to improve and delivery products and services that address consumer issues and demands. Several years ago, the main priorities for energy companies were to improve power delivery, reduce outages, and manage assets more efficiently. But today, these organizations are more concerned with becoming solution suppliers, energy consultants, and customer partners. As a result, it’s reshaping how consumers view the industry.


Energy & Utilities Industry Solutions


Metrosion understands that every industry, every company has specific needs, especially in these modern times. We are fully aware that a cookie-cutter solution does not work for everyone. This is why we have committed ourselves to providing and delivering only customized software solutions to different sectors.


For the energy and utilities industry, our number one aim is to help clients be the number source of innovative energy and utilities products and services across the planet. We are dedicated in helping service providers ensure effective and efficient responses to issues.


We employ sophisticated managed development process and control systems to create top-notch software solutions as quickly as possible. We also offer other solutions, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) so organizations can better perform more accurately and more quickly.


Metrosion also offers other innovative solutions for the energy and utilities sector, including data engineering, Internet of Things (IoT), and virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR). We are taking your business one step further through these revolutionary solutions.



Metrosion is dedicated to providing integrated, secured, and reliable systems that will make the lives of energy and utilities organizations easier.


Improved customer experience and design

We will design software solutions that will connect clients with their customers. We can also create systems that can help consumers reduce energy consumption through innovative solutions.


Digital strategy consulting

Metrosion has a team of individuals fully trained to assess every client’s needs. We conduct consultations for all clients to ensure that we are able to create power systems that transform energy and utilities enterprises.


Digital transformation

We will integrate your existing digital systems and migrate legacy infrastructures to make digital transformation less disruptive to various organizations. Our cloud computing solutions will also help reduce costs.


Products deployment

Before our personalized software suites are deployed, we perform various processes, including data visualization, monitoring, customer engagement, and performance analysis, to ensure optimum performance. We also provide assistance and support in the implementation of all our software programs to ensure fast and smooth service delivery.


Case Studies


The energy and utilities sector is currently facing a lot of challenges. But thanks to digital transformation, the industry thrives on and continues to shift to provide and deliver the best products and services to their clients and to end-users.


Energy management software

This will be an analytics cloud-based platform that will provide energy and utilities companies real-time data, tariff analysis, savings projection, energy performance assessment, IPMVP measurement and verification, and customizable reports, to name a few. Aside from that, it will be the best tool to help business owners and managers make informed business decisions regarding carbon footprint reduction, savings, and energy wastage. Plus, it will compatible with at least a hundred devices and have wide functionality to help users save time and effort.


This software solution can also assist clients in having a competitive edge through SaaS (software as a service) energy analytics. Energy consultants will be able to achieve industry certifications, including ISO, LEED, IPMVP, and energy savings compliance and emission trading systems, such as F-Gas, EU ETS, ESOS, etc.


Energy data processing automation

This system will help users save time and effort further by automating energy data processing. It extracts data automatically and then submits it to analysis to avoid tedious and duplicate data entry. This software will also help companies automate bill validation in conjunction with other data to identify a wide range of bill issues. It can also provide energy assessments and audits to help reduce costs. All of the energy data will be saved and secured in the cloud, allowing users to access it whenever necessary. It also offers key information on renewable energy, energy updates, sustainability, staff engagement, benchmarks and baselines, and monitoring and verification.


Energy management system to detect fault automatically

This software solution will allow users to track building performance to alert engineers as soon as problems are detected. This helps users prevent failures from resulting in lost revenues and tenants. It will have alarms that are attached to the system, alerting users through text messages or emails whenever a point drops below a threshold, exceeds a level, or goes beyond a specified range. It will be a more sophisticated fault detection system that allows users to analyze several points at once and to utilize point values to make informed decisions. Moreover, users will be able to get access to targeted visualizations to generate accurate reports.


IT power management platform

This is a software application designed to help small to medium organizations implement IT power management solutions. It can help clients monitor their PC energy consumption for them to be able to save large amounts of energy without affecting employees’ performance and productivity. It also allows users to pinpoint the exact conditions of every computer in the building or office to maximize energy use. Aside from that, it can help enhance data security, reduce power consumption, extend potential savings, and reduce carbon footprint.


Clean energy management software

This premium software lets decision-makers identify, assess, and optimize potential energy-efficient projects. Users will also be able to measure and verify the actual energy performance of each facility to easily determine new opportunities for energy savings. Furthermore, it can help companies minimize environmental impact through analysis and real-world solutions. This allows companies to be able to energy-proof their businesses against regulations, comply with industry standards, and achieve environmental leadership.


Industrial automation and energy management solution

This software application is an advanced solution that meets the needs of critical applications for industrial and infrastructure, oil and gas, water/wastewater, and energy management. It’s a tool for industrial automation, energy management, substation HMI, and control room operations, providing real-time data, dynamic data display, secure supervisory control, and database management. It can be used in standalone systems and redundant high-reliability structure, enabling safer and more efficient operations. On top of that, it’s easy to install and use, ensuring intuitive operations and customization options. It will be the perfect tool for electricity utilities that require complete SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) solution.


Sustainability software

Energy and utility companies are required by law to provide sustainable performance and metrics reporting to streamline collection, analysis, verification, and reporting of sustainability performance indicators in energy, safety, social, environmental, and carbon tracking. This software will be preloaded with the entire G3/4 indicator set to help organizations make KPI monitoring easier, make intelligent decisions, and increase compliance to minimize risks and impact.


Electronic logbook program

It will be a system that will replace paperwork and disconnected systems. It will be for collecting, storing, and distributing data about business operations to those who need it. It will have security encryption to make sure that only those who are authorized to access it will be able to create, view, edit, and delete entries, which are read-only for a specific amount of time. It will also provide alerts and take the necessary actions whenever necessary. It will send alerts to users when certain conditions trigger it, such as a reading going a certain value. It will also provide historical data of previous values through a chart. Customizable reports will also be made available through this application. What’s more, it will provide customer support, including training videos and one-on-one sessions, and annual maintenance to ensure an optimized system.


Customer service management system

This will enable users to weave superior customer relationship management solutions with day-to-day business requirements. It will help users accommodate complex utility billing requirements. Moreover, it is designed to reduce costs, improve quality of services, and reduce costs as much as possible. More importantly, it will be a system for customer information, including financials, utility billing, work management, project management, financials, and procurement, to name a few. It will have next-level functionality, such as document management, payment kiosks, interactive voice response, and online credit checks. This will be a one-stop-shop for utility and energy companies, giving them access to tools that will revolutionize customer experience and drive higher sales.


GIS-based asset management system

This web application will have an adaptive, responsive user interface to make sure end-users will find it easy to use on any device. Utility billing can be accessed directly through the software in real-time. It will provide data for meter readings, shutoffs, change-outs, and other similar tasks. It will also allow organizations to customize datasets, configure bespoke workflow processes, and create personalized data collection forms without any limits or restrictions on design. It can also perform work orders, permit, licenses, or inspection applications, fleet management, routine maintenance, and inventory management, among others.


Improving the Energy & Utilities Industry


At Metrosion, our clients can be assured of the quality of our software solutions. We always have the end-users in mind when designing different applications for specific sectors, like the energy and utilities industry. This is to ensure that organizations will be able to deliver top-of-the-line products and services to their customers.

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