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Construction is a pivotal sector contributing to the growth of the economy in significant ways. It is an investment-led sector that is looked upon as a flourishing arena by nations across the globe. While rumors are floating that the global economy is staggering at quite a pace, it might interest you to learn that the construction industry is off the bandwagon. Instead of hitting the lows, construction continues rolling in profits. According to the latest stats, the global construction market is anticipated to grow at a very impressive rate.


The economy in countries is burgeoning. There is a noticeable increase in population, paving the way for public-private pairing in the development of infrastructure. Governments of various nations are rethinking about the existing infrastructure. What’s more? Authoritative bodies are extending increased investment on large-scale infrastructures like railways, highways, and other architectural services like housing to accommodate the increased populace.


It is safe to conclude that construction is on the up and up. To be at pace with the industry and its turnover, it is imperative to adopt new and cutting-edge technologies. Wondering what is there to gain? Well, take a look:

  • Technologies help drive in efficiency

  • It cuts down cost and helps maintain accuracy

  • There is a distinct scope of higher profitability

One must embrace construction technology to enjoy a competitive edge in the market. These software solutions streamline and simplify the building process. Sharing design information in real-time is a piece of pie.


Technology casts a spell on every line of business. Construction is no different. With advanced construction techniques in use, coordinating projects, creating digital sketches, sharing in real-time, designing improved and durable structures from scratch and many other forms of upgradation are easier achieved than planned. The objective is to use the best-in-class tools available in the market today and make a difference.


Premium Construction Software Solutions


We, at Metrosion, are in the gig assisting clients with the best of custom software solutions for businesses of all kinds. The construction industry is booming, and we offer services to help companies to dominate a strong foothold in the industry. Metrosion is at your brink and call, doing the very best to bring software into life.


From manufacturing high-quality software to curating the best of development strategies, our professionals are downright experts on the job. Do you seek results? We make it happen!


Headquartered in The United States of America, Metrosion offers services to clients worldwide.


Our Core Values


Metrosion is not just another name in the business circles. Our ability to implement the best-in-standard custom software solution makes us unique. We not only promise to befit the construction industry by large but take pride in executing results that are better and smarter.


We are the professionals


White-collar cogs or not, we are a team of honest professionals with a comprehensive understanding of our business. Delivering results and keeping our clients on a competitive edge are our biggest goals.


We are profit-driven


Our focus lies in value over performance instead of a procedure. We set realistic goals and work in collaboration to achieve the most desirable results.


We look upon our customers and they only


A client's success is monumental. All our efforts are concentrated on delivering what our clients expect of us and more. There is no room for errors. We set clear targets, discuss every little t with our clients, and do everything in our power and beyond to reach the targets.


We jump at the idea of creating innovative solutions


That’s right - innovation is the name of the game! The ever-changing needs of customers do not frighten us. We take the plunge and discover new software solutions to enhance the businesses of our valued clients. Taking calculated risks and making well-thought decisions for a better result is our forte. In a nutshell, our services set the benchmark pretty high.




Bringing a skilled team of top-notch professionals, Metrosion caters to your business needs and shapes a flourishing future. Our software solutions and exquisitely planned development strategies guarantee results to keep you winning in the game. Kiss goodbye to roadblocks because our skilled team is right by your side, cracking all hard nuts to help you reap a successful and profitable business.


Prompt customer service at your fingertips


Technological upgradation in the field of construction is quite common. These advancements must be met in a sophisticated approach. Hence, there is a pressing need for all communication channels to integrate and provide a hassle-free and seamless experience to all end-users. Metrosion extends an unparalleled customer service for all clients.


Subject-specific consultation


Consultations pop up as one of the most elementary steps in the process. To continue with an effective strategy and what’s specifically needed, one-on-one consultation and detailed analyzation are much required. From assessing client requirements to sending out reminders and accruing data for future developments, our professionals are a pro at handling the job.


Advance and Renewed Software Solutions for Construction Industry


Demand for personalized services is like wildfire. Do you agree? Intending to pave the way for a better future in terms of the construction business, we assist clients with top-notch custom-made solutions. After assessing the key business requirements, we put efforts day-in-day-out to come up with products that are not just effective but are exclusive and business-specific. The aim is to ease off all operations on the digital front and cut-down unnecessary costs as well.


Case Studies


With a lot of focus on customers and projects, the construction industry is in dire need of seamless collaboration between engineers and designers, office managers, contractors, and others. Coping up with an inexhaustive list of business operations like finance, technology, field operations, management, and others is quite a challenge. With an attempt to streamline operations and assist construction companies to stay ahead in the game, we provide an optimized software solution.


Functional and High-End Mobile Construction Application

The journey from designing to building a structure involves tons of roadblocks endured by the firm. Bringing on boards is exclusive mobile construction software that can benefit in numerous ways. It comes with a unique built-in feature of predictive analysis that enables stakeholders in the construction business to predict and ward off issues even before it appears. This is rightly a good fix. The software works wonders in cutting down expenses without compromising on the quality of products.


Activity Tracking IT Planner


Juggling between a multitude of activities in the construction site is undoubtedly a tough call. Now managing activities is a cakewalk with this super dope app. From coordinating with contractors to following up on jobs and managing documents, handle multiple roles in a go with this efficient automated app.


The Real Deal Real-Time Software Suite


The need for real-time project management software is real in the intense construction business. We got you covered. Serving you with a leading-edge solution and management platform, handling tasks is easier done than thought. What jobs are tedious to handle in a go - ensuring instant communication from a project site to office, comprehensive insight on construction projects, field reporting or one-click access to any project from a pile of countless? Regardless of what throws you in a ringer, our cool management software covers your needs well.


Upscale and Effective Project Management Software


Introducing one of the most powerful software suites ever designed. Say ‘NO’ to challenges during the cycle of a project because this suite keeps a check on all your activities. Whether it is scheduling of a project that bothers you or control and management of portfolios, this platform ensures that no job is difficult to be executed. From keeping track of documents to risk analysis, this suite is nothing less than an asset to the big guns in the construction business. If that wasn’t enough to lure, this suite rewards one with easy one-step access to a robust cloud.


High Powered Cloud Application


Wrapping up dozens of job at the same time is more challenging than expected. For our top-gun clients, we have an extraordinary custom construction management software built. Since this is a cloud-based software solution, it makes tasks a lot easier. Get hands-on all nitty-gritty project data. From schedules and contacts to invoice, documents, materials, hours, bids, and others - pairing up with partners by accessing data in real-time in a piece of pie. Businesses can undoubtedly reap more profits, improved efficiency, and a lot less expense, incurred on failing to deliver a project.


Cutting-Edge Tracking Software Application


Did your business need software that could track your contract, orders, and costs involved? Well, we heard you and brought forward a highly effective cloud-based all-rounder project management software platform.


All-In-One Software For Business


Toiling hard in the field is laborious already. Worrying about logistics is a challenge next level. We have come up with a successfully customized software program that keeps you away from all hassles. Forget shelling out riches in maintaining different websites for different processes. Our one-stop software solution helps you with time tracking, project management, invoicing, and CRM. Save money and stay on the go with this fantastic software solution.


Quick Click Email Platform


The construction business can be genuinely demanding. Clients require prompt responses and on-time execution of projects. Getting involved in mistakes and litigation is unwanted in such a scenario. Bringing next is software that can save you a great deal of money and time. Creating an email folder and responding to RFI’s is easier done than thought. From confirming the action on necessary items, approving submissions to one-click research, the software gets your business sorted in a spry.


Smart Form Addressal Application


If your business involves forms and services for the construction business, we have just what you need to run your business smooth. Accentuate your project management system with an advanced mobile app that supports online and offline submission of forms. Go green and stop using papers. Switch to e-forms instead and get your work done in minutes. The software focuses on useful project management, time entry, CC capture, and other significant functions.



Software Solutions Promising A Joyride In The Construction Line of Business

Sticking out and winning a competitive edge in the already flooded construction does sound difficult. Well, ditch your worries because Metrosion is right by your side, providing spontaneous and technology-driven solutions for best-in-class results. Our job involves creating exquisite software solution for project management and strategic development methods to do a profitable business. We are not here to reward you with a short win. With Metrosion by your side, you are definitely in for the long haul.

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