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The usage of chemicals, which is popularly known for its precision or quantity as well as quality, has seen tremendous advancement post the inclusion of innovation through technology and specific software.

Though the consideration of the industry is in the handling of chemicals in the laboratories or transporting them across borders, digitalization has made it very simple, and it's all matter of clicks that is creating wonders in the chemicals industry.

Another significant aspect of the chemicals industry is 'Safety’.  With the advent of new software products, the number of safe hours within the workplace has seen considerable growth across the globe.

In today's time, keeping track of both your raw materials and the finished goods sent to the customer is quintessential.  Apart, keeping track of the inventory and their exact locations in laboratories and the warehouses also matters a lot. And, guess what, all this is possible with a few computer systems, skilled labours and continuous monitoring.

Metrosion excels in developing the software for all the above and has the capabilities to ensure smooth flow of processes. We deploy artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to their best to ensure first-grade quality software product to our customers.

The dedicated research and development team at Metrosion’s headquarters is consisting of people with hawk-eye who are continuously looking for trend changing innovative technologies and systems that can create wonders in the field of chemical industries.  

Metrosion understands that the chemicals industry believes in great perfection, and only that can ensure them the desired results. Therefore, we strive to provide that our software not only make the life of end-users easier but also helps in delivering the required results in multiple facets like supply chain management, inventory, warehousing management, labor management, billing, invoicing, payments, taxation, safety, quality checks etc.

At Metrosion, we are on our toes to increase the profitability to our customers by the reduction in operational losses and an increase in sales and operational productivity in day to day operations.

The critical elements of the chemical industry being chemicals, machines and human beings, it is inevitable to ensure that we are very precise with the chemicals being used to safe both machines and men.

The chemical industry-specific software developed at Metrosion will be helping majorly in the following aspects, but not limited to them:

  1. Process planning to be able to ensure higher productivity

  2. Mapping the route for the movement of the material within the industry premises to reduce time consumed in non-productive activities

  3. To streamline the procurement processes through online methodologies. The process helps in sourcing and purchasing equipment across the globe and be able to get high-quality material at competitive prices

  4. Manage everyday administrative and management practices like labor planning, material planning and allocation, payments, invoicing, and HR management like attendance and wages

What drives us:


A satisfied end-user is why we come to the workplace every single day. We understand our relationship with our customers can get better, only when their customers are happy. We thrive day in and day out for the same.


The digital platform developed by the Metrosion will be designed and configured for an end to end operational and sales activities. The software enables the chemical manufacturers to streamline the processes and also ensure the reduction of losses in an industry which is stringent to the usage of resources, government regulations and quality standards.

Quality Maintenance:


The software developed by the Metrosion is well equipped with designed capabilities to add value to the quality of the products produced at our customer’s plants and laboratories. The integrated and highly customized units of our digitalized platform ensure streamline in production, storage and delivery.

The data storage capabilities help in maintaining essential data like expiry, delivery date, production delays etc. The specialized systems are also equipped with alarm systems to stop delays in payments, processing units and delivery.

Integration – Industry-wide and multi-location:

The industry is all about to join links across different departments and at sometimes even at the vendor's departments, and it is very much needed that we integrate with the systems across the departments or multiple industries together. The methodology helps the managers and owners take a logical decision on a real-time basis.

Imagine a streamlined process where everything is happening just in time (JIT), only because we are entirely aware of what's happening in the set of procedures designed. The advantages of being wholly knowledgeable and informed are very high in number, many of which are qualitative too, like the boost in morale of the employee due to on-time transactions etc.

Plant maintenance:


The plant maintenance can be divided into three major elements, which define the optimized and smooth operations on the floor:

  1. Management of assets: The systemized methodology to keep the number of the minutest material in the industry, and allocate them to the right person to get maximum benefit. Also, to keep a record of the materials assigned to a specific individual or team to ensure timely tracking of the content. Our software also reminds the user for convenient maintenance of the tools to reduce the cost of wear and tear.

  2. Plant Maintenance:  The process involves the repair and timely maintenance of the significant equipment and pieces of machinery in the industry. These machinery are the one, whose breakdown means halt at business activities. The Metrosion’s software ensures alarm based on real-time conditions before failure increasing productivity and thus, profitability.

  3. Inspection: The timely review done at the shop floor can be automated through sensors and thus helps in the long run of the machinery and reduction in losses.


Supply chain/Procurement, Finance and Payroll:

The significant elements of the business being transactions and reporting within the company and with other stakeholders, automating it makes a definitely sensible choice. We ensure the delivery of software which is highly customized for a specific customer within the industry.

The significant elements of such activities are:

  1. O2C cycle: Order to cash cycle involves the actions of receiving orders from the customer and intimating the right channels and departments for further planning and sub-processes. The process requires a lot of adequate documentation and expects higher level precision

  2. P2P cycle: Purchase to pay cycle involves activities which are specific to procurement. The sub-processes include finding the right source of the raw material and sending them RFI/Q and inviting them for negotiations to close the deal.

  3. Finance: The integrated system is robust enough to develop the budgets based on the inputs provided and also can release the profit and loss statements for the quarter or a defined period. The finance managers can establish the cost centers through the integrated system, and decide upon cost-cutting to increase profitability.

  4. Payroll: Huge systems need more human being deployed at right places to get desirable results and all of the need to be suitably waged and incentivized to keep them motivated.  Track the performances through the integrated software developed by Metrosion and retain the best performers of your company.

Case studies:

Quality check:

  1. The quality checks done through our systems were able to detect the minutest defects and the processes

  2. The products manufactured using the digitalized methods of Metrosion were found to have defect rate lesser than 3%

  3. The precision software helps in by alarming the cause of defect at each stage right from the raw material check to the packaging and delivery, ensuring reduction in defective materials and therefore reduction in possible time losses and financial losses.

Reduction in downtime:  

The chemical industry needs to very strict on the reduction of losses to ensure higher profitability. Apart, dealing with stringent guidelines by the government on the quality of the product and safety of personnel involved makes it much more robust. The date is the key here, and the users of Metrosion have reported a reduction in their downtimes increasing profitability

Improved Visibility:  

With the accurate data available real-time, decision making becomes an easy task. It makes the job much more straightforward when the customized Metrosion software suggests the possible solutions considering the aspect which are specific to your company.

Flexibility and security:

As the data can be stored on the cloud-based platforms, the data of your organization will be very flexible to be handled. However, the access will be provided to the key personnel, and that ensures the date is 100% secure.

Apart, the cost to save data by installing and maintaining massive servers is always enormous. Moreover, they are still susceptible to fire or any other natural disasters.

Accessible anytime and anywhere:

The cloud-based platforms can be accessed anywhere and everywhere. Out of the office and feel unaware about the happenings at the organization? Not any more with the Metrosion’s integrated software designed for the chemical industry.

We gauge our success by our customer's success, therefore are ready to put in anything and everything to see you at the top.

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