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Metrosion is looking for experienced web and mobile designers to help build great products and deliver amazing results to our customers. You will work as a freelancer so you can take on as many projects as you'd like. You will be responsible for helping product managers and developers create projects requiring either simple wireframes, mockups or full designs. Your compensation per project depends on the complexity of the design.

Ideal candidates are stellar, proven designers with a strong portfolio of first-rate products. You should love working with people and be excited about delivering beautiful designs as well as meeting or beating deadlines.


This is a remote position that can be done from anywhere in the world! Occasionally, you may be asked to travel on-site to handle client projects.

About the Metrosion Talent Network

The Metrosion Talent Network is a global community of vetted and expert freelancers with a passion for creating software and a wide range of professional experience, Our network of designers, product managers, data scientists and software engineers collaborate to deliver digital transformation projects for our enterprise clients. We are changing how software is built and invite you to join us. We have multiple positions available within our talent network for freelancers with a wide variety of skills and experience. We invite you to browse our open positions and choose the role best suited to your skill set.

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Have questions about our talent network? Email us at

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