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Banking & Capital Market

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Modern day banking and financial services continue to move with the trends. But it’s not enough for this industry to keep pace. Aside from the fact that the competition is becoming tougher and tougher by the minute, customers are also becoming increasingly savvy are investor expectations are getting higher while regulations are shifting from time to time. To survive bank and capital markets players need rethink and re-strategize to adopt digital platforms that can use automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence to their advantage. 


There are many challenges that the industry must face and address. For one, regulatory conditions are set to continue to become more rigid. But that’s not the top concern that industry executives have. The number one reported challenge of this sector, according to a series of reports, titled ‘Capital Markets 2020: Will it change for good?’ is increasing the profitability of clients, which was named by 36% of respondents. This is followed by the impact of new and disruptive technologies and attracting and retaining the right employees. 


Banking & Capital Markets Solutions 


At Metrosion, our number one priority is our clients. We make sure that you are able to shape your businesses to provide the best quality service to your customers. We are also committed to helping different bank and capital markets players execute foolproof strategies to help you transform the future of the digital economy. 

Metrosion believes the architecture-driven approach is the best way to help you provide better financial products and services to your clients. We understand that innovation and business-driven transformation are critical for growth. And to be relevant and competitive in such a competitive market, we embrace disruption and systematically improve the ecosystem. Our team of industry-focused professionals will make sure to integrate technical experience and knowledge to create personalized services that many of today’s customers expect. 


We bring together professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise to be able to deliver customized solutions to all our clients. We do this by drawing upon our global resources and in-depth industry knowledge. More importantly, our life-changing products are developed with clients in mind, making sure that the personalized solutions we offer to each client is not only custom-made but also affordable and easy to use. 


We understand how each company has a specific set of requirements for software applications, be it for desktop, web, or mobile. This is why we don’t offer pre-made solutions to our clients. We make sure that we fully understand what your company needs to ensure that we will be able to devise custom software solutions that offer sustainable results and in a timely manner. 


We actively work with clients to help address issues on financial crime, digital technologies, mobile innovations, and the impact of risk and regulations. Our AI solutions will also help clients keep up with the changing face of customers. Metrosion uses proven methodologies and state-of-the-art technology to design and execute the best solutions to your problems. AI is used to process large amounts of data for investment banks, trading organizations, and individual traders. 


At Metrosion, we focus on the areas that offer the most value to our clients, particularly data and analytics. This is especially true in financial trading wherein every decision has a direct impact on the outcome, either gain or loss. Data engineering is used to collect data from these industry players and validate them. The output will then provide valuable information for research, prediction, analytics, and marketing. 


Before the materialization of your personalized solutions, they need to go through these processes: consultation, design, prototyping, development, quality assurance, security audit, and DevOps, which is the part where we make sure the development and operations of the software work together seamlessly. After implementation, we also offer maintenance services to ensure that the software is always up-to-date. 




Metrosion takes pride in providing top-of-the-line bank and capital market solutions that will change the way companies serve their clients. 


High-impact consulting 


Before the conceptualization of a software application, we offer clients high-impact consultation to help assess specific needs. Because business-led transformation is crucial for your company’s growth, we will make sure that we can help you embrace the increasing demand for better banking and capital markets services. 


Ground-breaking bank and capital markets solutions


We offer progressive and revolutionary solutions for the bank and capital markets sector through software applications, machine learning, cloud, data engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and virtual/augmented reality. We will be with you from start to finish to ensure that the implementation of these apps will run as smoothly as possible. 


Finest customer experience


Security is a top priority in the bank and capital markets industry. Aside from providing the finest software solutions, Metrosion is dedicated to using superior-quality security measures to ensure all our clients’ protection.


Operations Transformation process


Operations Transformation (OT) is the process of transforming and adding value to information or materials by altering the location of information, physical characteristics of materials, or storage of information or materials. 


Case Studies


The bank and capital markets industry is a high-risk sector simply because money is involved. But such risks can be efficiently mitigated through the application of predictive software solutions, enabling traders and financial institutions to make sound decisions at all times. 


The following are case studies that will help you visualize what Metrosion can do your company. 


Track expenses quickly 


We can help banks help make the lives of their account holders easier with an Android and iOS app that lets them track expenses and set financial goals. Customers will be able to set up parameters that will help them make sure they stay within their goals. These include being able to check how much money is left after spending, paying bills, and other scheduled transactions. Account holders will also be able to track balance updates and spending through real-time alerts. 


Make bank transactions securely online 


Online banking is all the rage nowadays. It’s easy, fast, and convenient. And no, security isn’t even a problem because our software solutions are encrypted with the highest security to ensure all your customers are protected at all times. Account holders can pay bills, transfer money, check deposits, and more with just a mobile phone or tab. Aside from that, customers have the ability to freeze and unfreeze accounts in the event that their credit card or ATM card is lost. 


Travel and make bank transactions with ease


An app can be made to allow account holders to mobile check deposit and pay bills even when traveling abroad. There’s also a feature that helps customers locate the nearest ATM machines wherever they are in the world. Plus, it’s a convenient way for people to check all their bank accounts in one place. 


Manage accounts with just a few taps


It’s important for most account holders to be able to manage their accounts using their mobile devices. In this fast-paced world, everything needs to be accessible online and using these handheld gadgets. Metrosion can design an app that will not only allow customers to check their accounts but also to manage them in a highly efficient manner. People can also deposit checks using the app, pay bills, check transaction history, and keep tabs on their spending habits and budgeting. 


Trade stocks using a mobile app


With a brokerage app, you can trade stocks, work with ETFs, seek expert advice, transfer funds, watch video tutorials, get push notifications, and customize your dashboard and screen. Customers will also find useful charts, analysis, and technical indicators to help you make trading decisions while on the go. People won’t even have to worry about trade fees or commissions. 


Make trading easy for beginners


New customers will be more than happy to know that there is a software solution that will help them make informed trading decisions. This app can be linked to the account holder’s bank account, which will then track their regular spending and then transfer the purchases to the investment account automatically. 


Once the money is in the account, the app will automatically create a portfolio of the account holder’s stock and bond investments, which will be based on the investor’s answers to a short questionnaire. 


Buy and sell stocks while on the go


A single investment app will not only let you buy and sell stocks but also let you give away or buy fractional shares, which can allow you to buy high-valued stocks, at a very low trade fee. It will also let you invest in a portion of a share with a lower minimum investment, which is perfect for novice investors. 


Play a stock market game 


Those who are new to the stock market can use an app to get the real feel of trading stocks. Using a smartphone, people can trade $100,000 worth of stocks with no actual financial risk. Careful not to trade with your real stocks or bonds, though. 


Get the latest industry news


An application can be used to deliver financial news from major media outlets. This can provide enlightening insights on trade and investments, helping players get up-to-date with the trends and news. It also offers colorful, intuitive graphs and charts that make doing bank and capital markets transactions easier. 


Manage assets more conveniently


Customers can get instant updates on the financial markets through a customizable app that lets you track various assets, including mutual funds, currencies, BSE, NSE, and more. People can also get analyses, join discussions, and manage portfolio without any hitch. 


Supreme Quality Bank and Capital Markets Solutions 


Our team of dedicated professionals have spearheaded research and case studies in the bank and capital markets industry to ensure that Metrosion is always on top of the trends and the latest developments in the market. This is to ensure that we are always up-to-date with the most advanced software applications that can help make our clients’ lives so much easier. 

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