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Metrosion is Here to Help

No matter what your skill level is when it comes to computers, Metrosion is ready to bring your software ideas to life. We help you during every step of the process. From developing a software strategy to creating a prototype and manufacturing high-quality software that gives you the performance and results you desire, our experienced team provides superior results. We also offer high-quality support services to ensure your software is running correctly for the lifetime of your project.

Professional Software Services

Knowledgeable Product Managers

While some companies have product managers that seemed more concerned with upselling you on products, our knowledgeable team of product managers is here to help to provide you with an excellent product experience thanks to our organized and easy to understand the development process.

Market Analysis
Successful Work Team

A Team You Can Trust

Sometimes software issues are easy to solve and sometimes they require an overhaul of your system. As a valued customer, you can trust our team of professionals to do what is necessary to solve any problems you have without breaking your budget. Our goal is to provide you with a superior customer experience each time you contact our team.

Top %1 Selected Talents

Metrosion connects you with exceptional software solutions talent that is rated in the top 1% in their field. Our Talent Network vetting system ensures your project is executed by the premier software solution talent currently available around the globe.

Professional and Skilled Staff

Our team is comprised of Silicon Valley professionals and skilled software specialists experienced in the latest advances in technology as well as providing up-to-date support skills for your project. By keeping our services in-house, we remove the hassle of dealing with a support staff that might not be located in the same building as the product team. We make the process of installing and using your software hassle free while also preventing you from experiencing unnecessary delays that slow down your overall productivity.



The Metrosion design process makes sure your custom made software solution gives you the instant results you need while also addressing your long-term software goals. Our experienced Talent Network designs long-lasting solutions that create results on a daily basis.


We create a prototype of your software solution to test the concept and execution of the system before the final product is manufactured. Prototyping allows us to address and solve any issues before the software is used daily by your business.


The software development process involves multiple steps that range from conception to testing to software creation. Our “agile” development process is a collaboration between our cross-functional teams in order to create an effective solution that addresses the particular needs of your company.

Quality Assurance

QA ensures your software solution is performing properly without any issues that slow down or impair its use by your business. Whether the quality assurance is performed manually or automatically, we make sure the software is able to handle your specified requirements once the development process is completed.

Security Audit

It is very important that your software is not compromised by any security risks that can slow down its functionality. A security audit examines any risks to the software and addresses any known threats to give you peace of mind and as close to 100% security as possible.


The software solution process is not over once the software is created. Our support staff monitors the performance of your software and walks you through the necessary steps to update or repair the software if any issues arise







How We Work

Taking Notes

At Metrosion, we specialize in software development and solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our Talent Network attracts the top IT talent across the country, and beyond, that is properly trained for your specific project. Our talent works on a fixed price, fixed scope basis which means our talent incentives are based on completing assignments efficiently and accurately rather than simply billing additional hours to make more per project.  Your team will consist of a project manager, product manager, designer, and other key software personnel that use their technical and business expertise to ensure startup product development methodologies are used on your project.


After a one-on-one meeting with you, the planning phase begins to create a Minimum Viable Product that includes user testing of the concept of the product. Release milestones are created to address key functionality that achieves the desired results. We also use agile processes, focused on fast results, to push new releases as scheduled so we efficiently achieve the designated design process milestones. We also examine user testing between each major release to validate the usability of the product as well as determine which features need to be adjusted before the next major release milestone. This process allows us to properly budget for the next major release while allowing enough flexibility to ensure the final product meets your specific business needs.

The Metrosion Software Solution Difference

Unlike other companies, we make sure you are in control of the entire project process. Our team is here to support you, during and after the project creation. by providing frequent updates to ensure the project is proceeding according to your specifications. 


To give you a better idea of how we create software solutions that are custom made for you, take a look at what you get when you work with Metrosion:


Top Talent

The members of the Metrosion Talent Network come from a variety of backgrounds and schools. They include award-winning UX/UI engineers and designers from top schools across the country. Our talent pool also includes some of the brightest minds from companies all over the world.

A Team Dedicated to You


Once we agree on the roadmap for your new project, we are ready to get going and create results. Your dedicated team will gather the right experts and the brightest minds to review the game plan and start the new initiatives.

Managed Process


Once the project process begins, your dedicated Project Manager will take the lead when it comes to day to day management of the nuts and bolts of the project. This allows you to focus on the big picture.

Regular Reports from the Project Team


Metrosion operates with open dialogue and transparency. You are able to monitor the ongoing progress of your project based on the milestones you have created and regular reports from your project team. 

Expert Advice


You have access to expert advice from any member of the Metrosion Talent Network no matter their specialty or skill level.

Creating Expert Project Specs


Our expert team of technical writers gathers vital project information and specs in order to write and report technical requirements in easy to understand language.

IP Control


Worried about the ownership of the IP created by Metrosion? You get ownership, as well as the licensing rights, for the software solution created and built for you by Metrosion.

Easy for Your Team to Use


The Metrosion team will give you all the information and training you need to get your team up to speed to properly execute the use of your new software.

Superior Support


Once your software system is up and running, Metrosion provides continuous testing as well as 24/7 support for bugs and viruses as well as maintenance whenever you need it.

Why People Love Metrosion

The team at Metrosion has provided my company the ability to expand our engineering and QA headcount as needed, with a continuum of quality service. As our clients grow their requirements for additional features and functionality, we are able to confidently commit to their requests and their timeframes. Metrosion is working as a trusted department within our operations and positively impacting our bottom-line. We would highly recommend them


Susan Magrino


TalentCircles, Inc.

Our team decided we need to come up with a great online platform solution that would benefit both patients and doctors. We were very excited to get the project started as soon as possible. In the beginning, we had no idea how to make this platform a reality until we were referred to Metrosion. They have made the process very easy for us by walking us through every step of the work. They have overseen the entire development of the project. They are honest and knowledgeable and good at their job. I think Metrosion will be a game changer for any company that decides to use their services.


Dr. Parsa Mohebi


CosmeticTown Inc.

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